Celcom Broadband: RM68 Broadband In Malaysia

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Celcom Broadband was launched early this month. It promises true mobility and lightning speed internet access to its users whether they are surfing from home or outdoors.

Plan and rates:

There are 3 plans available. You can choose to subscribe at RM8 for 24 hours unlimited, RM68 for a monthly unlimited access, or pay-per-use at 10 cents per 10kb. The chart below shows a comparison of Celcom’s rate compared to its rival.

Celcom broadband price comparison with competitor

How to subscribe?

Existing Celcom subscribers:

  • Daily Unlimited – Register via SMS or dial *118#
  • Monthly Unlimited – Register at any Celcom Service Centre or selected dealer

Non-Celcom subscribers:

  • Register at the nearest Celcom Service Centre.

What you need?

Laptop or notebook users require a:

  • USB modem
  • Datacard, or
  • A GPRS and/or 3G enabled mobile phone

What is the catch?

#1: The advertised 384kbps speed can only be “obtained” if your phone supports 3G and you are in an area that is covered by the Celcom broadband service.

#2: If your phone does not support 3G or you are not in the service area, you are running on their GPRS service which provides a bandwidth of 60-70kbps only. That is just slightly faster than a dialup connection.

Note: Bandwidth figures and other information were obtained from Celcom’s call center.

1) You will need to have a 3G sim card in order to get the 384kbps bandwidth. Or else, it will only be 112kbps max.

2) The 3GX that offers you up to 3.6mbps is open for invitations only. You will receive an SMS if you are the lucky one. Even then, you will need to be within the coverage area.

3) The USB modem (Huawei E220) is sold at RM900+ to RM1,200+. You will need to look around to get a good deal on this. My friend bought it for RM1,100 last week.

715 thoughts on “Celcom Broadband: RM68 Broadband In Malaysia

  1. ekin says:

    macam mana nak terminate ek celcom broadband ni ? kalau tak bayar teros bole tak ? sebab pkai ni ata name kakak ,, and now kakak takde kat sini ,, so ic die camne plak ? anyone ?

  2. ct says:

    ada orang kata kalu tak bayar terus celcom still akan terus charge and service akan disconnected. maknanya selagi tak bayar, bill tetap continue tapi broadband dah takleh guna. tu apa yg saya dengar la. anyone yg lebih arif please correct me if i wrong. thank you =)

  3. aldie says:

    celcom like shiit dammm lag ckp jer besar cepat laa, laju laaa siallll lembat nak mampus……………….

  4. luis says:

    nak tanya,kalo dh full guna 5gb tu,camne nak refresh balik ye?
    ada sesiapa blh bantu x?…plz…btw,celcom bband saya kadang2 je xde signal,msa hjn n bil x byr..haha..yg lain ok je…huhu

  5. rahim says:

    Line celcom broadband mcm babi pukimak aje sekejap ada sekejap laju tp prlahannya yabg banyak kena tipu aku dengan celcom

  6. Essen says:

    28 november 2012 saya beli RM68 celcom prepaid broadband, dan saya tak tau macam mana buat bayaran… macam mana nak topup… terima kasih

  7. Panji says:

    I wants to purchase the RM 68.00 package , NOW The speed of the modem is and
    how GB data per month usage pius what are the terms and conditions ?

    Thank You

  8. ila says:

    Sy dh gune b.band nie lebih dari 5 tahun xp skrng knape tiba-tiba line dye jd slow sgt kalo nk google tunggu 5 minit baru dpt wlapun baru lepas byr still same jugak lambat..Kadang2 secare tiba2 dye disconnect..Sblom nie gune ok je..Mohon penjelasan segera..Tq

  9. Jay says:

    masa mula2 dulu guna ok.. dalam tempoh 1 tahun ne line sangat lembab just like berukband..rasa rugi saja bayar bulan2..sebulan dapat layari internet guna laptop lebih kurng 2-3 kali ltu pun slow habis..kenapa ya celcom tipu ka?? facebook langsung tidak dapat buka di laptop..ni mesti kes suru upgrade pakej,,
    Sekarang plan nak terminate dan tukar kepada unifi pula…

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