Ditch Akismet For A Better Alternative

Everyone hates spam, unless you are a spammer. I’ve been using Akismet to block spam since the very start of my blogging life. It has successfully eliminated over 1,000 spam comments for me. However, there were also instances where it mistreated my reader’s comments as spam thus forcing me to de-spam them manually every single time. Occasionally, I had to manually delete spams that it did not “dare to delete”.

335 comments that Akismet failed to automatically discard

I’ve been patient but it’s time to end this “partnership”. For the past 7 days, 335 spams were collected in the Akismet “dare not delete” list. It took me a few minutes to scan through the list to ensure no false positives were made. It’s time to give the other spam blocking plugins a try.

Mooiness suggested that I use the combination of Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2 some time ago. It’s an easy installation with minimal setup required. Unlike Akismet where you need to obtain a WordPress.com API key before you are able to run it.

Please help me test out this plugin by commenting (as many times as you like) below. Yeah, I’m fishing for comments. Can or not? 😛

11 thoughts on “Ditch Akismet For A Better Alternative

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Good combo right? 🙂 Thanks.

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    I guess no spam plugin can filter off “advertisement” type of spam comments. LOL.

    hehe. thanks!

    Hmmm…good for you. It’s been quite ok for me but recently it’s starting to get real bad.

  2. Gail Gardner says:

    I know this is an old post but it is still coming up on page one of Google for Akismet alternative and we have a much better system now which is explained at the link attached to this comment.

    Thousands of bloggers have already switched and we would like all bloggers who are having a problem with spam to know about it.

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