The End For JohnCow Is Near?

I read the news from Lilian that John Cow was sent a letter ordering him to cease his blog or risk a maximum $100,000 lawsuit. Is this the end of JohnCow? Maybe not.

If you read the letter, there was no mention that he must discontinue the blog. He was only required to stop using the work that was in infringement to the copyrighted material. Bah. Having said that, I’m not in the legal line so I could possibly be wrong.

If you compare John Chow and John Cow‘s blog, you will notice a significant similarity between the two. Everything from the theme, plugin, arrangement and even some text are the same. In fact, the only visible plugin difference that I notice is John Cow’s contact form.

It is still uncertain if this news is genuine. Some have indicated that this could be an attempt to create more buzz on or even for link bait. Anything is possible and nothing is confirmed until we see cease operating.

If it’s true that the blog will have to be shut down, why don’t John Cow setup a new blog now and divert traffic over? I mean, I would have done that if I were in his shoes. That’s a lot better than just losing all the traffic especially when he has just posted a healthy $1067.53 earnings last month.

Well, lets see what happens within the next few days. Don’t be surprise if all this is just an evil masterplan. 👿

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