Nuffnang, Hotlink And Sony Ericsson W660i

Hotlink is currently having a Harajuku Doll Contest. Nuffnang has teamed up with them and came up with a special prize just for Nuffnangers — a brand new Sony Ericsson W660i. All you need to do is to “dress up” your Harajuku Dolls and get people to vote for you.

Step 1: Register an account at the Harajuku Doll Contest page.

Step 2: Select the mood of your doll — buzzin’, spaced, flirty, emo or chilled
Select the mood for your Harajuku Doll

Step 3: Select the clothes, appearance and background for your Harajuku Doll.

Select the clothes for your Harajuku Doll

Step 4: Save you Harajuku Doll and post it up your blog. Get your readers to vote for you.

Post your Harajuku Doll and Vote

Step 5: Send an email to Nuffnang at harajuku[at] together with the link of your post.

Here’s my Harajuku Doll. I know I’m fashion-blind so please forgive the eye-sore.

10/3's Harajuku Doll

2 thoughts on “Nuffnang, Hotlink And Sony Ericsson W660i

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Actually, I’m just doing this for fun. Not really doing it for the competition. You’ll need to sms to vote. Each sms costs RM0.50. I would have requested people to vote for me if only it was free :-)

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