Replace Your Stick Pads With Post-it Software Notes Lite

Throw your notepads and post-it sticky notes away. They only clutter your working place and are a mess. With 3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite, you no longer need to stick another post-it note on your monitor again!

3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite is free for download. You get to “stick” as many post-it notes onto your monitor as you like. The notes can be resized to fit any amount of text as well.

3M Post-it Software Notes posts

Click on the button at the top left of any post-it note to enter its “Note Properties”. Here, you get to change the fonts and add pictures into the note.

Post-it with image

Apart from that, you get to set alarms for individual post-it notes. The alarm has advance settings that allows the software to alert you on the same note more than once.

Post-it with alarm features

Below are a few short-cut keys that will be useful while using it:

  • Ctrl+D — Insert timestamp on the note
  • Ctrl+T — Trash the note
  • Ctrl+B — Bold text
  • Ctrl+U — Underline text
  • Ctrl+I — Italic text

I’ve been using 3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite for quite some time now. It’s definitely better than sticking notes all around my monitor ;-) 3M has an update on this software. However, you’ll need to pay for that version. There is a 30 days trial offer for you to evaluate it.

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