Donate To MAKNA While I Blog Non-Stop For 24 Hours

I’ve been approved for Blogathon 2007. I’ve pledge my time to blog for 24 hours non-stop for charity. I’ll be updating my blog every 30 minutes with a total of 49 posts. The charity I’ll be blogging for is MAKNA.

Kindly pledge your support for this charity drive by donating. All funds will go directly to MAKNA. Neither nor I will ever handle the funds.

For more details on this, read this post.

Help me help MAKNA.

3 thoughts on “Donate To MAKNA While I Blog Non-Stop For 24 Hours

  1. Edrei says:

    Drop by the Blogathon IRC channel later on while you’re at it. I posted the details in the forums but I think they should be putting the instructions I wrote for it soon on the site FAQ.

    That’ll help keep you awake. After 3 years, it’s always fun in Blogathon IRC channel.

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