BegForPost No Longer Available

Some time in March this year, BegForPost was created to compete against the great PayPerPost. BegForPost used the tag line, “Why pay per post when you can beg?” to attract members.

BegForPost caught on when it was featured on Techcrunch.

However, a few weeks back I noticed that BegForPost is no longer available. Now, the domain points to macmeter instead. After some searching, I found a comment left by anitab83 at saying that BegForPost’s footer contained the message “This site will self-destruct April 28th 2007”.

I couldn’t find any other information regarding this. Can anyone enlighten me?

2 thoughts on “BegForPost No Longer Available

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, saw it. Thanks! 🙂 I guess the site was just a temporary thing to attract attention over to the other project that he was doing.

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