Get Indexed By Search Engine Faster

The common method to look for information in the Internet is through search engines (eg. Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc). If you have a new website, blog or forum and want to be found, you must be indexed by search engines.

The old way to get noticed and be indexed by search engines is through manual web submission. There are submission pages such as Add your URL to Google and Yahoo! Submit Your Site. However, I’ve just come to know that there is a faster alternative to this method.

LiewCF left a comment at 5xmom saying, “actually, you do not need to submit website to search engines nowadays. you only need to get links from other indexed sites. It is much faster than url submit”.

I’m seriously thinking of starting a (few more) blog(s). $-) When I get my next domain, I’ll just link it from my existing blog and forget about submitting my URL to Big Brother G. Thanks LiewCF.

6 thoughts on “Get Indexed By Search Engine Faster

  1. hanneng says:

    actually, what LiewCF said is true, but if you want search engine return to you sites for updated info, then you need more than that.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’m using the xml sitemap generator thing. I hope that helps.

    Wow, that’s fast. I think the bot must have picked up the new blog when it crawled through your blog.

    Wah, my saliva dripping already. Hmmmm…I’m thinking of starting a few more blogs. Just thinking.

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