Does Buy Me A Beer Plugin Works?

I’ve seen some bloggers using the Buy Me a Beer plugin. I was tempted to give it a try but I wasn’t sure if it will work for me. I guess it works best for blogs with good content and high number of visitors (which I don’t have).

I stumbled upon JohnCow’s post on how he has over 5,000 unique visitors a day after 14 days but has only 3 people donated through the plugin (albeit he hacked it to donate milk instead of beer, I think it should be the same plugin).

So the questions are:

  • Does Buy Me A Beer plugin works?
  • Will it work for my blog?
  • Have you tried it and is it worth the try?
  • Should I give it a try?

For those not familiar with Buy Me A Beer plugin, it is a plugin that enables the blogger to request for donations through PayPal from their readers. It’s also an easy way for the readers to say “Thank You” to the blogger for any information on the blog that has somehow helped them in anyways.

5 thoughts on “Does Buy Me A Beer Plugin Works?

  1. Eric says:

    Kelwin, I think if you use this plug in in my blog, i don’t think people will buy me bear. 😛 May be you can try to put in your blog, let me know if there are some people buy you bear huh.. 🙂

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    But why waste space and resources if it doesn’t work? Maybe that’s why I don’t see any of the “big boy/girl bloggers” using this plugin.

    Hehe. Not really. It’s more like “donation”.

    Well, not sure if I want to give it a try. I don’t think it works for low traffic and not much substance blog like mine. 🙁

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