How To Compress Video Before Uploading To YouTube

Recording videos and uploading them to YouTube to share is a common practice nowadays. However, most video sharing websites limit the video by either length, file size or both. Therefore, compressing the video before uploading it is important. It also shortens the uploading time.

For example, recording an 8 minutes video (320 X 240 pixels and 30fps) on my digital camera took over 200mb. After compressing the video, the size was reduced to 60mb. That is roughly a 70% reduction.

I am currently using eRightSoft’s SUPER to compress my video files. To download the software, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on one of the four links that says “SUPER © setup file”.

I notice a problem with the audio when I first compressed a video using its default settings. It sounded like “chipmunks” talking instead of a human (ie. Fast and high pitch tone). I tweaked the settings a little and it solved the problem. Below is a screenshot of the settings I am using. It may not be the optimum compression so post up your settings if it is better.

Modified settings for SUPER

Do you have any other suggestions for software with better compression quality?

15 thoughts on “How To Compress Video Before Uploading To YouTube

  1. wong says:

    I used that to convert .FLV to .MPG though, didn’t know it can compress as well… Normally I use After Effect to try to compress it down 😛

  2. kyliemc says:

    =) thanx for sharing..i’ve been wondering how 2 reduce d size of my videos as it’s way too large 2 b uploaded using youtube.looks like my prob is solved

  3. Hameer says:

    Dude, thanks for the info. But do you know how I could compress bigger AVI files to smaller AVI files? The one you did was converting it from another format to AVI format ryte? Not from AVI to AVI. Sorry if this request’s confusing.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    I understand what you are asking but unfortunately I haven’t never done it before so I am not sure if it is possible. It might be possible if you get a program to lower the frame/sec or bitrates but I am not sure if it works.

  5. david says:

    gr8th work thx for help,your information save my couple of i thought spending few sec to thankyou! 🙂

  6. Dan Murray says:

    I use windows movie maker (comes with xp and vista). I load my movie into that, lets say it’s 500mb, then I ‘publish to this computer’ press next and then select the ‘compress’ option and set it to 50mb. Even with that kind of compression I saw no negative effects on video quality and could then upload it to youtube and other video sites which all accept .wmv file formats.


  7. Dennis says:

    Hey Dan,
    That’s the best tip ever! I found this windows movie maker on my puter and created even better looking movies by adding various effects + I am absolutely comfortable with compression options which that application suggests! There is absolutely no need to download any additional software for your videos compression! I have already tried quite a few of thise but deleted and uninstalled them all from my computer after I had found your comment! Thanks.

  8. Hyder says:

    Hey i upload gameplays to Youtube
    I used to compress large avi into small avi using Virtual DUB
    send an email to this email if you want to know how..
    Ill tell you the settings u need to use for youtube and it really works n all

    i used super c also and i know another software that reduces size and makes it flv format
    there is a lot of use from this software
    u can choose from 3 types for flv
    320×240 Normal Type
    High Quality Type
    Hight Definition Type

    Normal is recommended for youtube as youtube recommends 320×240

    k email me

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