How To Display Related Posts In Feeds

Some bloggers include wordpress plugins like WASABI related entries or Ultimate Tag Warrior to display related posts after each posts. This enables readers to quickly identify other posts that may interest them.

I have been using WASABI related entries for quite some time now. It works great in my blog but I notice the links to related posts doesn’t show up in my blog feed. Just recently, I stumbled upon ST Add Related Posts To Your Feed plugin at CincauHangus’s plugin list. It is suppose to show the related posts in the blog feed after installing it. I have tried it and it works.

Below is a screenshot of a blog feed that doesn’t display other related posts.

Feed without related posts

Below is a screenshot of a blog feed that displays other related posts after installing the plugin.

Feed with related posts

You will need to install either WASABI related entries or Ultimate Tag Warrior for this plugin to work. I notice that the related posts links does not display immediately in my blog feed after installing the plugin. They appear only after I published a new post in my blog.

2 thoughts on “How To Display Related Posts In Feeds

  1. mott says:


    thanks ah…

    I’ve been looking for this, in WP..but unfortunately due to untechnical geekery skills that I have abundance of… i couldn’t find it!

    p/s: why does your comment box show a bunch of gibberish in the “name/mail/website”?????

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Glad it helped you. I don’t notice anything wrong with the comment area. I’ll send you an email right after this to discuss about it.

    * If anyone else is having the same problem, please tell me ya? Thanks! *

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