Nuffnang Vs Advertlets At Its Ugliest Battle

The objective of this post is to answer these questions:

  1. How low, dirty, unethical, and childish the battle between Nuffnang and Advertlets has become?
  2. Who are DevilsAdvocate, Amateur, Reaymond and ENUFFisENUFF?
  3. How are they connected to Josh Lim from Advertlets?

A trip down memory lane… (skip this section if you know the story)

I caught 3 commenters who I suspect and have evidence that are linked to Josh Lim (or someone within Advertlets) who have either attacked Nuffnang or defended Advertlets anonymously in my blog.

Suspect #1 — DevilsAdvocate:

  • Left a comment attacking Nuffnang that I have edited
  • Claims he’s just a poor IT student with an opinion
  • Used the excuse of being in PJ (same area as Josh Lim) and on TMNET, thus the same IP range as Josh Lim
  • After I posted up a video evidence with proof of how he is connected with Josh Lim, he vanished and never returned (with the same nickname/character at least)

Suspect #2 — Amateur:

  • When I questioned Advertlets’ password security issue, he defended Advertlets and shifted the blame onto the users if their password were vulnerable
  • Claims he has a blog at but I received no response from the owner of the blog when I messaged him on friendster
  • His second comment stated he was contacted by Advertlets. That means he is their publisher. However, there is no trace of an Advertlets banner on “his” blog
  • Vanished after people questioned why he doesn’t even have an Advertlets banner in “his” blog

Suspect #3 — Reaymond:


I’ve posted some stronger evidence (subjective — depends on individual) connecting Amateur and Reaymond to Josh Lim. After that expose, no one from Advertlets or any other anonymous commenters (like the 3 suspects above) have left comments in my blog.

Back to the present time…

So, who the hell is ENUFFisENUFF? Sloppy Chic posted up her thoughts on Nuffnang’s management of the CPC ads here, here and here. While others (including another anonymous commenter — NoNN) are discussing the matter with intelligence, ENUFFisENUFF jumped in and showed his “lack of intelligence” with the comment below:

sad la. tim and ming got no balls. got to get pretty girls to comment to garner sympathy to hide the fact they are doing a bad job. sigh. who cares where the rum has gone. where are their balls? and most importantly, where is the money?

I can accept anonymous commenters who do not want to disclose their identity but are discussing a problem with intelligence. However, ENUFFisENUFF’s comment shows how much he lacks and are geared towards personal attacks.

His next comment gave away a hint of his possible real identity. I am not the only one who wanted to greet ENUFFisENUFF with a “hello josh” message.

Immediately, the “detective” mode in me kicked in. I wanted to know ENUFFisENUFF’s IP address and if they matches Josh Lim (and the 3 suspects) IP addresses. Instead of asking Sloppy Chic for the IP and confirming it afterwards, I posted up a few sets of IP addresses and asked her to confirm it. That way, there is no “dirty tricks” from me, true?

The sets of IP addresses were used by Josh Lim and his team members (that matches the 3 suspects) in my blog in the past. They are:

  • 124.82.X.Y
  • 60.48.(168-174).Y
  • 60.51.(94-96).Y
  • 60.52.(34-36).Y
  • 60.50.199.Y
  • 60.199.X.Y

It didn’t surprise me when Sloppy Chic replied my email with the following details:

ENUFFisENUFF’s first comment dated 15/6/2007 6:39pm logged the IP

ENUFFisENUFF’s last comment dated 16/6/2007 12:10pm logged the IP

Conclussion to these childish acts…

Just like DevilsAdvocate, Amateur and Reaymond, ENUFFisENUFF uses the same group of IP addresses that Josh Lim does. Is it just pure coincidence or are there more to it? ENUFFisENUFF has gone into hiding (together with the other 3 suspects) and will never return, at least not with the same nickname.

Competition is good. Healthy competition is better. Why compete in a “limbo dance” competition? There is no advantage to prove that one can “go to the lowest” point, especially when it comes to ethics.

Just concentrate in building your company. There is no point in comparing with anyone else but yourself. If you are good, people will know. The act of going “undercover” with an anonymous nick while attacking your opponent is plain cheap. Enough said, this is so shameful.

Will this bullcrap ever end? A limbo dance focuses on how low can you go. In life, it’s how low you want to go. I suggest standing straight up while walking through it. I can’t force you not to stoop so low. The choice is yours.

24 thoughts on “Nuffnang Vs Advertlets At Its Ugliest Battle

  1. xin says:

    wah this is really detailed, I am actually not very aware of their difference, but dirty tricks are low low low!

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, there’s a lot to say and explain. I had to explain how I observed the IP addresses work in the previous post or else this post might be longer. It is already too long to be a decent length post.

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    To be honest, at first I was confused between NoNN and ENUFFisENUFF. I actually thought they were the same person. However, after checking with Sloppy Chic, she confirmed that they are two different individuals.

    As I mentioned in the post, NoNN was annonymous but was arguing on facts intelligently. Most importantly, he/she doesn’t have a “motive” like ENUFFisENUFF did. So, there really isn’t a reason for me to bash him/her up. 😉

  3. mybloggo says:

    Malaysian mostly subscribe dynamic ip which means your ip will change when you shut down ur streamyx modem or laptop.If they use Fixed ip then only will be the same…….and i dun think josh lim and advertlets team will so stupid use their laptop or computer to put a comment to attack Nuffnang.Cuz they noe the ip address how it works

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    It’s true that almost all “normal users” are allocated with a dynamic IP address, so does Josh Lim. However, from my observation as written in my previous post, each user that connects from a “same area” will be allocated with a certain “set” of IP addresses.

    With that in mind, DevilsAdvocate, Amateur, Reaymond, ENUFFisENUFF and Josh Lim are using the same “set” of IP address. That means they should be from the same area. Not necessary same computer, but possible.

    One may still argue that it is coincidental or someone used the technique IP spoofing. If that’s the case, how do you explain this? What are the probability of 3 different person using the same feed reader, same version and even subscribed to the same 2 posts’ comments in my blog?

    I just hope there won’t be any other crime scenes. This rubbish must stop.

  5. Freethinker says:

    Tempted to write one but since i hentam in the “Auditability” recently… it’ll be too fast for my dish now…

    Mybloggo has a very interesting point on the ANALOGY…would he or would he not if he is who we think he was to play the mind game of it can’t possibily be of him simply because he knows the rules to catch him….. psychology mind game..

    Itchy….felt like blogging it…but if i do…it’ll seem as though I’m NN PR pulak…and they dun even pay me… ai…….

    Can Guest Blog here ar?


  6. mott says:

    geez…. i think someone needs a spanking eh?

    *guffaws guffaws guffaws*

    all the techno ip talk is just swirling around this aunty brain. Maybe I’ll dream of these numbers, get a good combo and buy 4D yar? If i strike, I “chang” you, free hosting for a year! WOO HOO!!!!!

  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    Maybe “someone” doesn’t know how to? 😉 .

    Well, I don’t want to be blogging about it too often as well. Then some might accuse me of being hatred or something. Remember I mentioned there might be a post requesting “user participation” AFTER this expose? I don’t know if I should do that.

    Just a hint. We have Josh’s set of IP addresses and we have “user participation”. So what can you do with that?

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    Oh yeah. I told him already. Did some brainstorming and decided to put it on hold until further discussion. LOL. I see some cons in it lah. Maybe the two of you can discuss a little first.

    Agreed. A real hard one too.

    You sure? Say already must keep, ok? Hehe. Faster go sleep and get a good number. LOL.

  8. Freethinker says:

    Mossie, yeah Kelwin told me about it but the “way” to implement it need some further discussion to avoid any “credibility” issue..

    Well, maybe we can have a 3 way talk soon between u, me and Kelwin.

    Kelwin : I really wanna bring this down hard and fast in the sense, only a bloody confession will do… if not, the cycle just continues and the problem is the hawkish minded like us would see throuh the “hole” but many would continue to be illusioned…

  9. Mossie`Ol Chin says:

    eh kelwin, dun fall to your own trap of suspicious lah… who knows exactly where Chong is coming from… get what i mean? not everyone with a long comment is suspicious…

  10. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hey guys, instead of writing a post about it, let’s just discuss it here. As Chong pointed that NN decreased its minimum payout to RM50. You think A will top that? RM20 minimum payout?

    “There won’t be a minimum payout. We’ll write you a check each month even if it’s RM0.50!”.

    😛 Seriously, I don’t think they can afford to decrease it, not to RM50 (at least for now). This is the reason.

  11. Mossie`Ol Chin says:

    10/3, yeah, that to me is a valid reason. i’ve always know that both the companies could possible engage in such price war by promising “digital money” since there ain’t regulation governing the requirement for such companies needing cash reserves – unlike banks and insurances.

    but then again, giving out RM0.50 on check? you must be kidding me. but i wonder if i’ll get a blank check someday and i’ll write 1 million Pounds on it… kih kih kih

  12. Freethinker says:

    reserves… my speciality… hahaha… well, that kinda price war I doubt Nuffnang would do any further as I doubt it’s Timothy’s tyle plus I think is unhealthy lar

  13. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    No la, I was just joking with the RM0.50 check. RM50 minimum payout is really low already. I can’t imagine if it drops to RM20. I’d be surprise if A drops theirs to RM50 as well. It’ll be very interesting if they did. Do they have the “resources” to do it (now) anyway?

    That’s IF anyone of them have 1 million pounds in their account. Or else, you’ll just get a bounced check. Hehe.

    Yeah, I don’t think it’ll go down any lower.

  14. anonymous blogger says:

    I’m a blogger and i’m sadenned by the events that has happened between nuffnang and advertlets. i’ve somewhat evaluated bothand i find that advertlets have a much greater advantage compared to nuffnang only becauase of the main person running the whole show in advertlets. Nuffnang needs some season guidance from web experienced consultants or programmers or management if they wanna go forward. I would recommend nuffnang to engage top web consulting firms like mckinsey (not the dot com rubbish type). there are personally 2 msian individuals i also highly recommend to nuffnang to do this, both of them are truly web savvy and long time internet users and are quite popular in the internet scene even in silicon valley (i heard rumours). one is called hanson ( and another is mark ( i’m not sure what is their charges but i think it’s not cheap also, but i have heaard thru ppl who use them that they are top notch, well respected in the internet industry and good in what they do .. . So each party chose 1 🙂

    nuffnang and advertlets better buck up and cut the arguments because the majority of bloggers even in m’sia still use google adverts. good luck to both advertlets and nuffnang. both in my view have pros and cons but i think i’ll still stick to adwords for now. but given a choice to select one, i wld select Nuffnang .. and i have my reasons 🙂

  15. TenthOfMarch says:

    @anonymous blogger
    I’m not sure from which angle you were looking at when you mentioned Advertlets has an advantage. In some sense, I agree to that as well. However, comparing the overall design, implementation and security of both system, I believe Nuffnang is ahead. Unfortunately, most people don’t see beyond the surface. It will be a long way before either of them can challenge international ad company like Google, even in a Malaysian context. Let’s see how thing goes.

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