Review:, Know Who Blocked Or Deleted You From MSN Messenger

I was asked to check out, which I did. In the process, I found a few interesting points about that website. So, I decided to do a review on it. I would like to caution my readers that is NSFW (not safe for work). You wouldn’t want your boss to catch you viewing a website that has a link that reads, “Meet the sexiest teenagers totally free iclick here!” or pictures of girls wearing nothing but bra and panties.

After some digging around, I found out that a typical message received on MSN Messenger that “promotes” the website looks like this:

hey!! you really have to check this site [website URL] it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)

In the early days of operation, the [website URL] was inserted as However, MSN Messenger must have blocked/banned that URL from appearing in any conversation due to complaints on spamming. The URL was later changed to a TinyURL. Only recently (5th June 2007), the domain name was purchased to replace the TinyURL (as shown as the screenshot in Freethinker’s blog).

From the screenshot below, you will notice that the website is infested with advertisements that links to an adult website. Considering that teenagers should make up the majority of the users of the website, the advertisements are highly inappropriate. Why I said teenagers should make up the majority of the users, you may ask? Well, who else gives a damn if anybody in their contact list blocked them? πŸ˜‰ main page

After being pressured by potential users claiming the lack of confidence in the services of (due to the fact that it requests user’s username and password without a SSL certificate), a SSL certificate was bought on 5th June 2007.

Even though the SSL certificate is in place, it is not utilized at all. This is evident from the “spammed promotion” messages sent and the fact that accessing the website by entering does not automatically redirects the user to Users need to access the https part of the website in order to have the data transmitted to be encrypted.

I hope this is a mistake and not an attempt to allow users to continue transmitting data without proper encryption.

Another “feature” of the website that I personally feel distasteful (also brought up by PsyCHZZZ) is the “MSN Messenger user signed in alert” advertisement as shown in the screenshot below. That is in fact an advertisement disguised to look and feel the way MSN Messenger alerts the user of a contact that has just signed in. I don’t think it is illegal, just bad karma (or whatever you call it).

There are two items in that I think might infringe the copyright of other companies. The first item is the Yahoo smiley icon beside the text “THIS SITE DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR NICK” as shown in the first screenshot above. The second item is the “MSN Messenger user signed in alert” advertisement as shown in the second screenshot above. Is it legal for to copy those (I assume) without permission from either Yahoo or MSN?

My final thoughts of…

It is a nice service to have. However, it started off on the wrong foot by choosing a wrong method to promote the website (ie. spamming mass sending messages to the user’s contact list on behalf of the user). I believe that the majority of its users should be in their teens. Therefore, advertising adult websites in it is inappropriate.

Is this service really necessary? So what if someone did block you in their contact list? If they did, the problem could be either you or them. So what? Just move on. The world doesn’t end when someone decides to block you on their contact list.

17 thoughts on “Review:, Know Who Blocked Or Deleted You From MSN Messenger

  1. mooiness says:

    Man, that site is indeed very porno.

    As for blocking – I do it occasionally when I want to focus on a few friends at a time, rather than seem available but only giving half-arsed replies. I think I’m being polite this way. πŸ˜›

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, pornolicious. I don’t block my contacts, I just set myself as “appear offline”. Haha. Sometimes I need some time to do my own things…blogging for example.

  3. Freethinker says:

    Great ! Well, as for the blocking… it’s a tricky question but can be bypass. How ? There’s NO FULL PROOF that it is 100% work, you can come out with good excuse and backed by some alibi… how hard to fool again for someone you deliberately tried to block ?

    I’d say…piece of cake… for me la…haahah

  4. Alejandro Sena says:


    I really like this review, criticies the site with good reasons, not saying “It will steal your password, don’t use it, it’s a virus”.

    We don’t change usernames, really, this is the sourcecode that we use to connect to the users account:

    The lines that used to change it are now commented.

    And yes, the site show publicity but is not adult. The right category is PG-13, adult is a XXX website or some viagra pills, but not girls in underwear.

    And the use of that copyrighted image is not a bad use, I mean, we are not putting the Yahoo! smilie dancing with a stripper or the MSN logo in a GTalk windows. It’s like using the logo to talk about that company in a blog (like you are using blockoo image right now). Of course, if they want we could remove the images, buy their are not used in a bad way.

    Well, that’s all, hope my english isn’t too bad. Oh yes, one more thing: We have more than 350,000 users. Some of them complain about their nick being changed or their contacts to be spammed (uncheck ‘Recommend blocko…’), but no one is saying that their password was stolen.

    That’s it, have a nice day.
    Alejandro Sena

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    I personally don’t see myself using this service. So what if someone in my list blocked me? I doubt anyone of them did but even if they did, I’m sure they have a good reason for it.

    I agree that the “amount of users” can’t be used as a benchmark to measure the security (or any other aspects) of the website.

    @Alejandro Sena
    I don’t know how the industry categorize a site to be adult or PG-13. Some of the pictures in the advertised website does look semi-softcore porn to me. The second screenshot I displayed above is one of them. Those are boobs that I’m seeing, don’t tell me they are just cleavage.

    According to the fair use of copyrighted materials (here and here), I am allowed to use a copyrighted material for the purpose of criticism and commenting.

    Anyway, I’m just snapping a screenshot of your work to comment. However, you are using the copyrighted material of others as part of your work (eg. Yahoo smiley icon beside the text, “THIS SITE DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR NICK”).

    One thing I did not mention in the review is I think you should not store the user’s email address and password in the cookie, even if it’s in their local drive. Why do you need to store them anyway? If the user wants to recheck the blocked list, they can simply re-enter them. It doesn’t matter if you have a SSL certificate now because your weakest link is storing the user’s email and password in the cookie.

    I am not an expert in security or hacking but I think storing the email address and password in a cookie is vulnerable to outside attacks. Just my thoughts.

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wah, no need calculate so accurate one. If you insist…

    boobs = 5 characters. Half means 2.5 characters. Therefore it is not “bo”, but “boc”. Hahaha.

  7. zewt says:

    well, sex always sells and here… sex helps to promote. anyway, i think such service is not necessary… if someone wanna block me… i certainly dont care.

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  10. Rainx3ily says:

    i Lol at blocky thingies. x3 when my friend actually deletes or blocks me, My friend would talk about him, and she’ll be like “He/she’s on wanna chill with him/her? =D” And I’ll be like
    HE”S ON?!#$$#@^@#!$@# But ye, on msn like MY msn nobody dares to delete nob ody, since everybody knows the other =]


  11. Johng128 says:

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