Nuffnang Has An Evil Twin? Oh No, Triplets! OMG! Quadruplets!!!

UPDATED VERSION. Once again, the shy goddess surprised me with her latest findings. She even put up a short goddess conversation in her post while she was hunting for her nail polish remover (must read). I hope it doesn’t end in a goddess vs fairy duel. Quoting her findings:

Seriously, loyalty is based on trust and it’s (go ahead, type in into your browser) shit like this that makes me afraid of you.

If you did not try it out, redirects all traffics to Advertlets website. Just when I thought that the real Nuffnang has an evil twin, I received a tip off from Marcus of another registered domain — All of a sudden there are triplets!

UPDATE: Finally, I have my account activated. I am able to view the full list of the other 12 domains that are hosted on the same server. That is when I found a fourth evil sibling —!

A whois check on both all three of the domain names (, and reveals that the personal information of the owner of the domain names are masked with privacy protection.

After some digging around, I found that both all three of the domain names point to a server that hosts a dozen other domain names. is one of them. I had some e-mail exchanges with the owner of few months ago. If I’m not mistaken, I was told that part of the website was developed by Josh’s group. This was later confirmed by another individual.

A whois check on shows that it is running on a dedicated server (should be the same server as the other 2 evil domains). So, does owns the dedicated server? Or are they just a client of another company who owns the server? is another domain name that points to the same server. However, traffic from is redirected to Strangely, the method used to redirect the traffic is exactly the same used to redirect traffic from the “evil triplets” to Advertlets website.



This could either mean that the person responsible for redirecting the two are the same person, or this is purely coincidence.

The question that I still can’t answer is, “Did Advertlets registered the two domains?”


Note: I found out that this “news” isn’t new. People already know about the evil triplets quadruplets some time ago. Strangely, I have never heard anything about it at all. Have you?

22 thoughts on “Nuffnang Has An Evil Twin? Oh No, Triplets! OMG! Quadruplets!!!

  1. aw says:

    Josh’s “a55hole” meter goes up week after week, and Nuffnang’s Saintly “Elegant Silence” (phrased by our local blogosphere godfather Jeff Ooi) goes up week after week.

    Nuffnang all the way it is then. Go Nuffnang! Stay above the scummy water, and arise like a lotus! Go Tim & Ming!

  2. mooiness says:

    Like you, I only heard it through IcyQueenGoddess. Objectively though, what they are doing is not necessarily evil because domain-hoarding is a common occurrence. However, all this just adds to their negative PR which at this rate, I wonder how they are gonna climb out of?

    Btw, Mossie – #7 liao?! Gonna read it now. Heheh.

  3. Freethinker says:

    Aiseh… this one is like my “misdirection” already.. HAHA..

    Actually good PR can help one…hire me, maybe can help him do some pretty good spin….

    But..come to think of it, since he didn’t dare come over my playground and defend… nah…. he should read my post on “Be A Man”..

  4. aw says:

    I thought it was just *one* of the companies trying to be “competitive”.

    The other company is just too busy “signing up bloggers and looking for advertisers” (as Jeff Ooi and Cowboy Caleb puts it) πŸ™‚


  5. aw says:

    My mind is recovering from a hangover last night, ouch. Can someone replace “competitors” with “advertisers”? Hahahaha. Sorry, 10/3. Good work, I think you’ve done a good job again!

  6. hanneng says:

    I checked and is both owned by Netccentric (Nuffnang punya parent)

    while and is owned by SAVENERGY – an unknown company – owned by – any relationship between all parties here ?

    I blur liao …

  7. Jef says:

    Hi all! Tumpang got give bulk discounts for Domain registration, the few domains you mentioned are customers who registered from us couple of months ago, the promotion is still going on, its at [Removed: No free advertising]

  8. TenthOfMarch says:

    Is it? I tried to search at PPS and technorati but found no one blogged about it. Strange. Why people don’t want to blog about it? Leaving it especially for me, is it? hehe.

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    Welcome. Your #7 is very funny. LOL.

    Yeah, I notice I neglected Ming. Both Tim and Ming are doing good jobs. I was hoping to find more but was hampered by a “pending account”.

    Oh yeah, alcohol *hic* and commenting *hic hic* don’t mix πŸ˜› .

    True. It’s not wrong or illegal but if they did do it, (to me) it’s a very cheap move. It’s like someone eating something and you pick up the fallen breadcrumbs. I’d rather they do it like what they did to guiness, than to redirect the traffic to their website.

    Of course, I’m saying these on the basis of “IF they did do it”. No conclussive evidence.

    Sure, add a little spin and even elephant can climb a tree. LOL. The “be a man” joke is really good. Now, I wonder if we can see real man competing, instead of monkeying around.

    So, I am not the last one on earth to know then. Welcome.

    Thanks. Actually I don’t think blog advertising is a competitive field in Malaysia. It is still so new. It’s a new niche. Plenty of space to expand. That’s why I have no idea why The Competitor is being so “competitive”.

    They should concentrate on growing, instead of competing. Anyone remember the Kukujiao joke I made last time?

    Just sit back, relax and watch. LOL.

    Hmmm…I have no idea as well. If you do get something, contact me yea? πŸ™‚ .

    Sorry about the comment edit. You mean and is bought from you as well (the 10 domain promotion)? If that’s true, means there is another 8 domains to register. I wonder what those are.

    Hahaha. OKOK. Shhhh…I saw what you did. Hehe.

  9. Jef says:

    hey, no probs on removing my comment, for a church mice like me surely will take every opporunity to advertise :p , can’t afford for any advertlets or nuffnang la! hehe. I sold plenty of domains, if you check my tumpang history i starting selling in tumpang only since oct 2006, majority are bloggers, some are personal blogs..not all are sold through tumpang, i started selling domains since 2002, i need some pocket money to pay my webhosting bills for tumpang, some of them prefer to be known like,, and more… some they want to be confidential.. some want to forward some not, is RM 30 and I only make RM 2 from each domain, so please don’t close down my domain business k? cheers

  10. cely says:

    i heard it from friend… he is humble one, and me.. hahaha.. i think it’s not appropriate to have all these news in my blog.. so, i din blog… good la.. u are now like got 1st hand info like that :p

  11. Patrick Teong says:

    I do think it’s unethical doing this kind of thing in Malaysia. Since both company also kinda new into this advertisement field, why don’t they follow nuffnang strategy by doing more work on getting new advertiser, organizing event rather than keep find way to shoot down nuffnang.

  12. TenthOfMarch says:

    I don’t understand a few things. Do you own Or are you just a “member” selling things over there? You said, “i need some pocket money to pay my webhosting bills for tumpang”. Does that mean you own and need the money to pay for the hosting, or you are a member there, and all members need to pay a fee to sell? I don’t really understand how tumpang works.

    From what I know, runs on a dedicated server at that costs at least USD89 (more than RM300) a month. is registered under the company Reapfield Properties Sdn Bhd.

    LOL. I see, but I’m sure there are others who knows about it? How can such “secrets” be kept so long?

    @Patrick Teong
    I agree with the “why don’t they follow nuffnang strategy…” part. I notice they like to compare a lot. If they notice something they have that is (slightly) better, all the “kompang” starts to come out. *sigh*

  13. Jef says:

    I think everyone who visit this sit will want the truth, I will only speak the truth here. I am the founder of, not a complete owner but one of the owners. Because my marketing guy have a limited budget, so I end up becoming their mascot, selling and running all events under my name (Spiderman 3, Pirated! Album, Domain names, USB drives etc).

    Anyone can sell things in tumpang now, its free. The server is hosted in TM Net, I pay RM 200 per month to co-located a 1U server there. The domain name is registered from Stargate, I’m a wholesaler for them (buying domains in bulk and re-selling) since 2002.

    I currently work in Reapfield Technology, a technology division of Reapfield Group.

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