Statcounter Is Now 5 Times Better

Statcounter recently upgraded ALL accounts with 5 times more log size. That means you can track up to the last 500 pageloads on your site or blog. However, you will need to update your settings for this to work. According to the information in the blog, you will need to follow the steps below.

“To increase your log size, log into StatCounter and click the wrench icon beside your project. Click ‘Adjust Log Size’, and enter 500 in the box. Click ‘Adjust Project Log’ and you’re done!”

However, if you are tracking a few projects, you will need to repeat the steps for each project. An easier way which requires less steps are as follows.

Step 1: Instead of clicking the “wrench” and repeating the step X times, click on “Adjust Log”.

Step 1: Click on

Step 2: Enter the “New Log Size” as 500 for all projects and click the “Adjust Log” button.

Step 2: Adjust log size to 500

You will need to wait for a few seconds depending on the amount of projects that you have. That is all to it. You are done. Hope this helps.

3 thoughts on “Statcounter Is Now 5 Times Better

  1. Bat says:

    hehe..just increased the log size after received the email.. 🙂 Before, I strip it out since the log size didn’t enough for me, I want MORE..But now I get it, greed I am.. ^__^

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