Discrepancies In My Google Adsense Report

A week ago, I checked my MyBlogLog’s statistics and my Google Adsense report an noticed a difference in both their reports. MyBlogLog reported that in the past 7 days (at that time), there was a total of 14 clicks on my Google Adsense Skyscraper banner (on the right) and another 10 clicks on my Google Adsense Link Unit (on top).

MyBlogLog report on Google Adsense banner clicks

However, when I checked the report posted by Google, it showed that I only received 2 clicks on the Google Adsense Link Unit.

Google Adsense report on Google Adsense banner clicks

I sent an e-mail to Google Support and was asked to provide screenshots of it. Few days later, I received an e-mail from them saying they could not resolve the difference that MyBlogLog and their system is showing. It is understandable, since they do not have access to MyBlogLog’s system. After all, how much does 22 clicks on their banners in my blog are worth? Probably between USD1 to 2 if I’m lucky.

However, the point I am trying to raise isn’t the cash that I could have potentially earned being lost but, why are there such a big difference between both system’s report? No doubt that Google is an enormous company with top IT people (probably in the world), but I believe MyBlogLog does not have amateur programmers behind their system as well. So, how is it possible that there was such a big difference? I could accept it if there were less than 5 or so but 22 is a bit too much.

I still strongly believe that Google’s reports are accurate. However, I just can’t find a reason to explain what is happening with my statistics. Anyone out there ever had the same problem as I did?

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  1. mooiness says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the way MyBlogLog calculates, or rather predicts clicks is by using “mouseover” as a JavaScript event. It obviously cannot use “onClick” because the ads are not served by them.

    So, the clicks that you see on MyBlogLog may just be mouseovers. Hence the discrepancy.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Since my “3 day free trial of MyBlogLog Pro” for chankelwin.com has not expired, I’ve done some tests. The counter increases when I click on a link in my blog. However, mouseover did not increase the counter.

    Check out their help:
    Q: “Why is my blog only tracking page views, not clicks?”.
    A: “… If you believe your code is in the correct location and the clicks are still not tracking, email …”

    I think MyBlogLog is detecting clicks. So, the question still remains, “Why is there a difference between Google and MyBlogLog report?”

  3. lilian says:

    I paid usd3 per mth for MyBlogLog (because my fingers are itchy and I have money 😛 ) and yeah, it never tallies with Google. I think Google filtered out a lot of things or yeah, maybe they cheat us. But I never check how much difference ‘cos it is ‘waste-gas’ to talk to them. If you get some action from Big G, it will be good then.

  4. KennyP says:

    Hello TenthOfMarch, I will tell you the results.

    Is it possible that both of the time period are different? maybe due to different timezone, starting or ending time?

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    I didn’t say Google cheated us/me (but maybe got privately think that way — just joking). They replied me apologizing and said that there is nothing they can do. They don’t know how MyBlogLog’s counter works, etc. I agree they could be some difference but in my case, MyBlogLog recorded 24 clicks while Google recorded only 2, that’s a really big difference *sigh*

    That could be possible as well. However, the reports generated is for the past 7 days. Therefore, any timezone difference etc, would have affected only minimal and should not have resulted in such a big difference. I’m scratching my head bald 🙁

  6. mooiness says:

    Woah be careful about clicking on your own ads. 😉

    That said, it could be the different way that both companies are implementing their codes. Personally, it’s the Google side of things that really matters anyway since they are the ones paying you.

    If you find that MyBlogLog doesn’t track your ad clicks as well as you’d like it to, try using Adlogger (www.adlogger.org). I’m using it on my site and it works well – even though it does have false positives from time to time.

  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    LOL. No-no. I didn’t clicked on my own ads. I was testing on other links in my blog, not the Google ads. That would be suicide. Haha. Yeah, at the end of the day it is what Google reports that counts. I’ll take a look at Adlogger. Thanks.

    No lah, where got many clicks? Google report only 2 only 🙁

  8. Bat says:

    I wish I could put adsense in my blog, haha..but they rejected me..huhu, nevermind, got plenty ways to monetizing my blog(perhaps..haha)..

    Anyway, I always use the mybloglog stats to monitor my blog, 🙂 I would recommend you to CrazyEgg.com, and don’t buy it except you have an extra money, use the free account instead.. 🙂

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’ve heard you saying you were rejected by Google before. I wonder why? The language maybe? Actually I don’t really monitor my blog’s clicks. It’s just that MyBlogLog has the feature and I noticed a difference on the Google adsense report, that’s all. But I’ll take a look at crazyegg as well. Thanks.

  10. hongkiat says:

    In your case, Google could have treated them as invalid clicks. From what I understand from GA supports, they not only use programs but also human intelligence to monitor clicks. Continuous clicks from same person are likely to be worthless to Google.

    Also, you shouldnt disclose your click, ctr, cpm, earnings. At least not all. Really, tt’s againts Google TOC. 🙂

  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    I didn’t know it (disclosing the click, ctr, cpm etc) was against Google TOC. I blurred them out now, leaving only the clicks. Thanks for the information.

    About the invalid clicks, I did read some Q&A in the support “forum” about them as well. However, those that I read stated that they have clicks, but those clicks have no value (ie. $0.00). In their case, Google counted their clicks but did not pay them for it. In my case, Google did not count my clicks at all. Not sure if that’s due to invalid clicks though. Lazy to go search for it. Hehe.

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