Manage E-mails From Different Accounts In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

I have been checking and organizing my e-mails using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 since I started blogging. A few days ago, I purchased a new domain name. Now, I have to setup Microsoft Outlook to manage both my e-mail accounts. This is when I noticed a problem (or inconvenience). All e-mails that I received from both accounts go into the same Inbox. The program did not create different set of folders for each account.

So, I googled for it and found this post, How do I receive email on different accounts into different folders in Outlook?. It was exactly what I needed. There are step-by-step guides with screenshots. Overall, that is a very good guide. After following all the steps, I was able to forward all e-mails received and sent from the second account to 2 newly created folders below.

2 newly created folders

It was simple to redirect the e-mails following the guide provided in the post. However, it would have been great if Microsoft Outlook was able to handle multiple accounts in a more efficient way. I’m thinking of changing to Mozilla’s Thunderbird 2.

Should I? What e-mail program are you using?

6 thoughts on “Manage E-mails From Different Accounts In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. I have to admit I didn’t know about it. However, I was thinking of organizing my e-mails using an “offline” program. But I agree there is pros and cons to it.

    Is it possible to download all e-mails from GMail into my local drive? I’ll need to think real hard for this one. Thanks again for the information.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’m speechless. Thanks for your help. It does look like using GMail is a good bargain after all. Unfortunately, Google limits us to 5 POP accounts only. I’ll do some comparison and see which I prefer. Thanks again for your help.

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