Sex: Ridiculous SMS Marketing Strategy

Sex is one of the “most powerful tools of marketing and particularly advertising” (source). It must have been used to sell many things in the past — clothes, magazines, cars, beers etc. If that is not enough, some digg users are even using sex to attract diggs for their submitted posts! What is the world becoming to?

For the past 1 month, I received 3 sms sent through sms push campaigns that used sex to attract consumers to their products. So, what are they selling? Animated wallpapers for mobile phones!

First sms:

FOC:Yes Honeyy..?SO U Want CUMming tonight?Lets have fun together..U sure like it!SMS <ON 69> to 32xxx for animation girl;<ON GIRLS> wa/paper.eCe

Second sms:

FOC:Abg tgh buat apa kat situ?Jgn pura2,I tau abg fikir apa.Baiklah,Cepat htr sms<ON HOTC>ke 32xxx, biar Ina tunaikan impian abg sepjang hari.JaminCUN!

Third sms:

FOC:Jiwaku gersang?sudikah “AWAK” jadi pghibur 12 tgahmlm?jika ya,SMS<on 36> ke 33xxx utk gmbr gadis ANIMASI; <on cun>gadis W/PAPER









Each sms sent will probably cost RM1. The first sms does not include this information in the sms itself (not sure if this is legal). Next, look at how the third sms smartly conceals this information at very bottom of the sms, after many many “new lines”. To say the least, it is very irritating to receive stupid sms like these. To me, their “tactics” of using sex to sell their wallpapers is unethical.

Let’s take things to the extreme; Can any one of the 3 sms be classified as “sexual harassment”? Imagine getting an sms from your colleague asking if you want coffee or tea for lunch that sounded like this:

Yes Honeyy..?SO U Want CUMming tonight?Lets have fun together..U sure like it!SMS <ON 69> for coffee; <ON BED> for tea to 012-3456789.

I personally think that the mobile service providers should take initiatives to check messages sent through sms push campaigns like these. I don’t think any parents will be too fond to have their teenagers receiving messages like that.

Initially, my post’s title is “Ridiculous SMS Marketing Strategy“. I added the “Sex: ” in front to hopefully attract a little more attention to this post. Hey, sex does sell, doesn’t it? So, did it work?

13 thoughts on “Sex: Ridiculous SMS Marketing Strategy

  1. Jiun Jie says:

    becareful with this kinda scam, even its not for sex, lets say for some contest purpose, you think you just need to send out 1 sms to participate, but in the end, they will send you multiple sms-es, giving you information, terms & conditions, confirmation, etx… and all of the charges, its on you! kinda cunning actually, you think you just sent out 1 sms cost rm1 to try your luck win a contest, but they charged you n number of sms-es on you! Imagine how many people are taking part, they are actually earning big bucks…

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    ROTFLMAO! I didn’t respond to any of those 3 sms lah. Why? I sounded like I was “cheated” or something? Hahhaha.

    @Jiun Jie
    Yes, very true. I heard that if you respond to some of those sms, you’ll be bombed with an sms everyday or so until you unsubscribe. And each sms will cost RM1 or more. Damn those smart buggers. Some people might curse them, but they’re still making big money.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    012 prepaid. Thanks for the information. I just sent an official complaint to them.

    @cely & Freethinker
    Wah, you guys must be very lucky. I get those crap sms *quite often*. I’m not sure if they target those sms I got to guys only — since the sexual message is directed towards guys.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hahahaha. Honestly, I might be a potential customer (ie. the one that will get cheated by the “sexual messages”). But the bigger question is, if I am “that customer”, how did the advertisers know that I am a potential customer?

    [this is just a question] (Did or will) my service provider sell my “call history” to the advertisers? Eg. other “services” that I have subscribed in the past.

    Before things get out of hand, all this is just an illustration only lah. I’ve never subscribed to any (if I’m not mistaken) services before — be it sexual or not *bluek* 😛

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    Cool! I just read his post. When the man writes about something, it’s sure going to be big. I’ll be looking forward to his posts. The MCMC haven’t replied to my complaint yet. We’ll see how things go.

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  7. Click says:

    A little offtopic reply, Im using the new google chrome browser, but it looks like your website is not displaying correctly… Just to let you know. Thanks.

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