Advertlets Riddle: A Curtain Raiser

Just a curtain raiser to stir up your “appetite”.

Caught reaymond stalking
Caught reaymond stalking my blog a while ago.

Wonder who reaymond is? “He” left a comment in my blog 3 days ago. His comment was filled with some “serious research work”. My guess is that he must be a blogger himself, and is comparing Nuffnang and Advertlets. Or else, who in the world would bother do so much research on the two companies? However, he left no blog URL. I e-mailed him but still no reply. Smells fishy to me.

Josh Lim commenting earlier on the day
Josh Lim commenting in my blog earlier today.

So, the “game” of possibility and coincidence continues. Unfortunately, you need to know some basic of how IP address works to understand this riddle. The two sets of digit at the front has been blurred. I assure you they are the same numbers.

For those who need some help, I found a nice comment left by “one of my dear old friend” not too long ago — DevilsAdvocate. “He” did explain how IP address works but it is not 100% accurate because IP addresses work slightly differently on the Internet compared to a cybercafe or computer lab.

Oh, just in case some of you are wondering who the heck is DevilsAdvocate, I have a nice video that I made not too long ago as well. Hope that helps.

This is just an appetizer. Wait till I serve the main dish. Comments?


On an unrelated note, I just installed a new plugin today. You see that “Share This” link at the bottom? Can you guys like, help me “test” it out? I *really* want to know if it works, especially the “e-mail function“. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Advertlets Riddle: A Curtain Raiser

  1. reaymond says:

    Hi TenthOfMarch,

    Wow! I didn’t expect to become a hot topic! anyway, I’ve sent you an e-mail, sorry for not replying earlier 🙂 Hopefully that clears things up.

  2. HORNY ANG MOH says:

    Me on the other hand catch no ‘ball’ on what what is going on with all this internet stuff. But I am learning & this is an interesting topic. Keep it up. Have a nice day.

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  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hahaha. No-no. Just text and pictures.

    Thanks. Everything will be/should be clearer on my last post (main dish). It will be up next.

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    Hahahha. no no. My balls are fine. Thank you 🙂 .

    @Boss Lepton
    Hehehe. Maybe I should start charging for it 😉

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