A “Guaranteed” Method To Get An Ad From Advertlets

So the battle between Nuffnang and Advertlets is heating up. Recently, I’ve read a few posts and comments (even in my blog) that some publishers from both companies are ranting about not being served paid ads yet. I’ve said this many times, we (the publishers) must be patient. Both companies are new and therefore the number of advertisers are small but growing. Angel left a comment in freethinker’s blog that I do not agree:

The ‘cake’ is only ‘this’ big. But the number of ppl who wanna eat the cake is increasing. You are a smart chap. You know where I’m leading to 🙂

The ‘cake’ is only ‘this’ big for now. It’s true that the ‘cake’ cannot support the whole population yet. However, it is constantly growing as time passes by. Again, patience is what we need. Correct me if I’m wrong, Advertlets has 2 or 3 advertisers so far, while Nuffnang has 6 or 7. Nuffnang’s “weekly campaign” means you get a chance every week. Check out this “post-length” comment I left on freethinker’s blog for more explanation.

Now back to the main point of this post. I have found a way for Advertlets’ publishers to get a paid ad served to them almost immediately. Sorry to Nuffnang publishers, because I doubt this method works for Nuffnang. At least Advertlets’ publishers get to “enjoy” this tip. I came up with this “formula” after reading a few blog posts and doing some “investigation”. I will only mention 3 of them here.


First is babyfiona’s blog. In her post To PULL or Not to PULL (original post removed), she mentioned she was thinking of taking down Nuffnang and Advertlets’ banners because no ads have been served so far. In her next post Back Dated Post-Someone Disturb Me Buy Spotlight.., she mentioned that Josh Lim called her up on the same day while she was searching [REMOVED]. Guess what? She has been served an ad soon after.


Second is drizad’s blog. In his post Running test – Malaysian ads for bloggers, I noticed the image posted below. The account status is still “Pending” but he has been served a paid ad. I thought a publisher will only be served a paid ad after they have successfully fill up the 50 answered polls?

Account status is Pending
Image from drizad’s blog.

Before I go too deep into this, I tested this myself — I still have a test account with Advertlets. So I filled up the 50 polls myself. Yes — for those Advertlets publishers who haven’t already know, you can fill up the polls yourself. I got my 50 polls answered in 10 minutes. 😉 That was when I realize that this could be a bug because after filling up the 50 polls, my status is still “Pending”.


Third is freethinker’s blog. In his post Nuffnang : What Over Speculation Would Sound Like, he ranted spoke his mind about not being served an ad from neither company. What I want to point out is one of the comment he made, “Then after munching 2 hours of Bauer, I came back and see JL (aka Josh Lim) had served up an ad in this blog… what a coincidence…“.


So, what is my “formula” or secret to be served an ad from Advertlets almost immediately? Just RANT! Rant about not being served any ads. Rant that you will ditch both banners immediately if no ads are served to you within X days. Rant that both companies suck and that they are just cheating you to help them advertise themselves. RANT! JUST RANT! To increase the possibility, put up both Nuffnang and Advertlets banners.

I am confident, in “no time”, Josh Lim will give you a buzz, and you will see an ad served to you almost immediately. Desperate situation requires desperate action. I guess my initial speculation might be true after all. Their “tactic” of serving ads to publishers who rant about not getting ads (especially) from BOTH sides, could be a desperate attempt to “WIN” their hearts over. I wonder if their “Monthly Impressions Available” counter not working has anything to do with all this.

After digging up a few other blogs and interviewing the blogger, I have conclusive evidence that Josh Lim is serving ads to “unqualified” publishers (ie. those that have not filled up the 50 required polls). And because one of them has requested that I do not disclose his/her identity, I have decided not to disclose anyone of their identities. If you are an Advertlets publisher and has been served an ad even when you are not “qualified” for it, do contact me or just leave a comment.

To Advertlets’ publishers, I hope you enjoyed my “tip”. Use it wisely! 😉

22 thoughts on “A “Guaranteed” Method To Get An Ad From Advertlets

  1. aw says:

    Wah like that I think I might offer a conditional shares buy-out to both Nuffnang and Adverlets.

    Expand web ads market in Malaysia, don’t let Google gobble everything (and feed their employees nice food every day).

    We need to deploy strengths to appropriate operational areas. I’ll put Timothy in CUSTOMER RELATIONS to rally the blogs and shore up Nufflet’s image. Josh is responsible in MARKETING for getting more companies to sign up, since he’s good at puffery and bullshitting (companies love to be BS’ed to. But we make sure we deliver lah). And also he can meet the company’s ad purchasers for wine (yuppies love that wine). But sorry, limited to 2 glasses of wine per meeting. And lastly (and of course), promote Kelwin to IT QUALITY ASSURANCE.

    Take over Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand as well (I will need to hire some nice Thai ladies for this. Please contact me for application details. Massage skills a plus).


  2. Nabil Feisal says:

    Hi 10/3,

    Basically you’ve brought up some good points.

    Many of our publishers have emailed us in the past weekend on the issues you’ve brought up. Mainly the “Pending” status and the “50” polls submissions.

    I will firstly tackle the issue of the 50 polls submissions. It is not a requirement, it’s only better for us to have such information from your blog to allow us to better market your website/blog to advertisers, cos advertisers appreciate such info.

    For example, let’s say it’s a known fact in the blogosphere that Blogger ABC is well known, that fact alone can allow us to market blog ABC to advertisers based on the blog’s main topic and category even without the 50 poll submissions. The other is that if an advertiser simply wishes to advertise to just Malaysians, we can accomplish that through technology (geolocation), even without user submitted polls.

    To the next point, now even though most of our bloggers have had the viewers or themselves filling up the polls, the 50 needed number is not changing on the publishers dashboard. The reason for this is simply because we are carrying out a publishers dashboard upgrade. Once that’s done, the dashboard will display information accordingly.

    Its the same issue for the “Pending” status. We do have a flagging system running on our backend, where we approve or disapprove accounts, but it’s not yet connected to our publishers dashboard system as of now due to the upgrading thats going on.

    We do on occasion delete and mark certain sites and blogs as “Suspended” due to the uncertainty of the account or the change in content by the account holder or fraud attempts by the account holder.

    By now I hope I’ve shown enough evidence to prove that not any blog can have ads shown on their site just because they rant about not having ads on their blog/site. 🙂 We judge the suitability and traffic of each blog before making a decision. And if any blogger thinks they have no ads, but are a good fit for the advertiser, they can e-mail us for reconsideration. After all, “if you want something, you have to ask”, and blogs do change and improve all the time.

    So I’m personally very sorry for the inconvenience our members are going through, I hope everyone can understand that this short upgrade that we are carrying out will allow for a better service to you from us, at Advertlets.com. You will see a lot of big changes, new ad formats and announcements on the 24th of March. Wait for it 🙂

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions please do contact me!

  3. aw says:

    Nabil Feisal: I think you’re doing a better job in Customer Relations than Josh.

    Now, how about removing your incorrect, stupid ass comparison chart?

  4. Mossie`Ol Chin says:

    aw you hate that chart don’t you? anyway, i wonder… if ranting can get me ads, is this an invitation from Josh to give me an ads (or moolah in this sense) once i sign up? i wonder…hahha

  5. babyfiona says:

    Have the courtesy to ask permission before you quote anything from other people page. Please respect other people if you want someone to respect you back. Thanks!

  6. mooiness says:

    I agree with aw. Nabil’s response is how it should have been from the start. Would have placed Advertlets in a more positive light.

    As for babyfiona, holy smokes … what was wrong with the quote? It didn’t portray you negatively or defame you in anyway. Take a chill pill woman. Quoting with a link back to the original post is what bloggers do all the time. If you don’t want ppl to quote you then make the posts private. /end rant.

  7. Boss Lepton says:

    wah few days not in the blogosphere got so big news already ar? hehehe

    maybe it’s time we need a feasibility study on how big is this market in malaysia eh? I really think that bloggers cannot earn a living on just blogging, unless your blog is engadget of course.

    Anyway good point, so how long since both of them started? Time to think how much a visit is worth to an avertiser? (actually this should already be done early early)

    Bah, back to dissertation, dying…

  8. babyfiona says:

    its just a courtesy of asking. I only seen those leecher quoted other blogger post. And by the way i rants in my own blog and not urs, so its my call to post private or public.

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  10. TenthOfMarch says:

    ROTFLMAO! Nufflets? Hahaha. I like the sound of it. I’ll take the job if I am still allowed to blog my heart out. No action can be taken against me if I were to report any wrongdoings of my colleagues or even boss (you). Damn, I’ll be labeled as a whistleblower then. Provide free “massage service” for all employees can or not? Hahhahaha.

    I’m not sure if Nabil is *doing better* than Josh. Check my next post to find out why. Anyway, I doubt they will ever take down the stupid chart. Impossible.

    You see, just for you, I canceled the ranted, and replaced it. Feel any better now? Hehehehe.

    @Nabil Feisal
    You guys change your “rules” and “requirements” all the time. I have no idea how to catch up with you guys. From 100 minimum polls answered (which is a must at that time), you changed it to 50. And now you’re saying that the answered polls are “not even a requirement” anymore? What next?

    I have a suggestion. Why not you take a rest, and play a game?

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    I dare say you will be served with an ad almost immediately if you were to sign up with them. But I won’t bet on it lah because I always lose whenever I bet. Hahaha.

    I’m still new to blogging. So if there’s any mistakes that I made, do point it out. However, I seriously think your “suggestion” has some serious flaws. As far as I’m concerned, I did not plagiarise your post. I was merely quoting them. As mooiness pointed out, that is the accepted “practice”.

    You have the rights to rant or do anything you like in your blog — privately or publishing them publicly. But you need to understand that once you publish them to the public, you can never stop people from quoting you. I suggest you put up a “copyright” notice page, and state clearly that you DO NOT allow ANYONE to quote your text without your permission.

    I have removed the quotes, I hope that made you somewhat happier. I notice you removed the post and did some changes to the “layout” of your blog (I think) — I won’t mention what. I just wonder, why?

    A game for you to play. In fact, it’s for everyone to play 🙂 .

    @Boss Lepton
    There will be more to come.

  11. evie says:

    Me, I had my add without my 50 polls (after I bla blah-ed in my blog too), but I pulled myself out still. Nabil did sent me a very nice email. He is very courteous and all, but I’m sorry, I still stick to my words. I also think that this Nabil is so much better than Lim. Too bad, a bad egg spoils the whole basket-watever-i-forgot-the-phrase. 😛

  12. TenthOfMarch says:

    Doing what you did takes some form of courage. After all, we cannot see the future. During times like this, I will follow my instincts (if I have any — hehe).

    Oh, from what I heard, even Josh is very courteous and professional in e-mails.

  13. Steven Wong says:


    Yeah both companies are still very young, we got to monitor over the next 6-12 months and see how was their performance. Indeed I read the Star paper just now quotes that the “Online Advertising is already big in North America, but it is still very new in Malaysia.”

    By the way, I thought you also sign up Advertlets? Where is your Advertlets ad? Didnt see it showing up in your blog??

    Anyway, good points to bring up about this. At least people can know more about third party view and see the comparison between these 2 companies.

  14. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Steven Wong
    Hi. Why I don’t have Advertlets’ ad in my blog? That’s a long story to tell. I’ve done some reviews on both companies, maybe you should take a look. After that, maybe you would understand why I don’t place Advertlets’ ad in my blog.

    There is a chinese saying that goes something like this, “If you’ve seen ghost, you will be afraid of the dark”. Suffice to say that after reviewing Advertlets, “I’m afraid of the dark”.

    I have never “officially” signed up with Advertlets. I did create a few test accounts just for the review which have been cancelled the last time I checked.

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