Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang?

I noticed a couple of changes that Advertlets made to their system and policy. Those that is worth mentioning are:

1. Minimum unique visitors per day decreased from 100 to 50.
2. Demographics Poll needed decreased from 100 to 50.
3. Mimimum payout amount decreased from RM200 to RM100.

You can get the above information from this post in their blog. At the bottom of the same post, they quoted a sentence from Cikgu Azleen’s blog:

CikguAzleen also mengatakan bahawa Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka.

I went over to Cikgu Azleen’s post and found that there were more things Cikgu said that wasn’t quoted (that I found amusing). Here’s the “full version” of it:


Pada hari yang sama jugak, Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka. Requirement yang baru adalah:

  1. Jumlah pelawat unik ke blog anda: 100 50
  2. Jumlah poll demografik dari blog anda: 100 50
  3. Jumlah bayaran minimum yang boleh dikeluarkan: RM200 RM100

Lebih baik kan? 50% diskaun! Hahahaa.. Saya rasa mereka terpaksa mengubahsuai requirement ni kerana terdapat saingan daripada syarikat yang satu lagi tuh. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. Saya tidak akan memberitahu anda dalam posting ini siapa saingan mereka, kerana anda sendiri tahu dan faham bahawa sekarang ini hanya ada dua syarikat pengiklanan blog dari Malaysia.


I’ll translate the last paragraph into English:

That’s better, right? 50% discount! Hahahaa.. I think they are forced to modify this requirement because there is competition from the other company. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. I won’t tell you in this post who their competitor is, because you should know that there are only two blog advertising companies from Malaysia.

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang posted up The Nuffnang Community’s Reach and Coverage with pretty impressive figures — to say the least. They mentioned that they “serve out approximately 21,180,000 ad impressions” in a month. Compare that with the 1,800,000 impressions Advertlets have. That shows Nuffnang has almost 12 times more ad impressions to sell and may I add, 12 times stronger.

(Note: At the time of writing, the “Monthly Impressions Available For Advertising” counter on Advertlets system is not functioning. The figure 1,800,000 is what I think the last number I saw — I may be wrong. I’ll update the figure once the counter starts to work again.)

I guess it’s true that Nuffnang’s strategy to include the long tail of bloggers has really paid off. This is apparent especially when Advertlets are starting to reduce their requirements by HALF of what they used to be. From my perspective, Nuffnang is way in the lead. Advertlets would have to play catch up before Nuffnang disappears ahead.

Oh, have I mentioned that Nuffnang is now officially multinational?

14 thoughts on “Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang?

  1. Freethinker says:

    True, however I noticed a couple of blogs are starting to get impatient over no adverts from both of them. One even blog that Josh Lim called her personally !!!

  2. Eric says:

    I support Advertlets to change their policy and requirement, I’m quite satisfied with this change. Perhaps obviously prove that it is lose to nuffnang, but I think they are improving their services in order to be more competitive in the market.

  3. mooiness says:

    I read Cikgu Azleen’s post too and it was interesting to see the point of view of an Advertlets user.

    Dropping everything by halves is indeed a big change. This is why competition is good. In the end, the consumers win.

  4. aw says:

    If Advertlets is not so high-handed, patronizing and arrogant in the first place, I think they will do better.

    Have they taken down the stupid comparison chart? I didn’t bother to check.

  5. lilian says:

    I don’t know and I don’t care lah. All I care is I made RM1K from nuffnang already. Woohoo! That’s a month’s earning, btw. From the first day they launched. I got blogs from band 1 to band 25. *popping champagne*

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’ve read a couple of those too. However, such an event (blogs not getting adverts) cannot be avoided. Both of them are still new. Things will be better after they have secured more trust in potential advertisers.

    I fully support their decision as well. In fact, in one of my reviews I asked them to reduce the minimum payout from RM200 to RM100. But they didn’t and gave the excuse reason that their publishers earn faster. But, I don’t see any of their publishers complaining. Maybe they just don’t care?

    Yes, the consumers always win. But they should have done this at the beginning. Defeats their whole “ideology” of small-time bloggers like me are “worth-less” in blog advertising.

    No — the STUPID chart is still there. They have updated it though. I have never liked the chart, nor the idea of “challenge the chart”. Their approach is to write whatever they “think” is correct, and ask people to challenge it. If the “challenger” brings up a point that proves the chart wrong, then only they change it.

    They should in fact check the charts themselves to make sure it’s 100% accurate and factual before publishing it. The “false information” that was published has already “caused damage” to an extend, and they didn’t apologize or anything. I think that is “dirty tactics”. Shame on them.

    Wahhh…you are making me “jeles”. I guess I’ll need to work on my blog more. Hey, can keep some champagne for me? Or the bottle also good enough. 🙂

  7. reaymond says:

    Hi TenthOfMarch,

    I’ve been scrutinizing both sides, and it seems that the earnings are pretty much similiar. From what I’ve seen, Nuffnang does it through having more ads, and if I’m not mistaken Adverlets charges a premium for “local only” advertising. You can read in detail at a comment I left at Mossism:

    I think Advertlets might have had a point in making their initial limit of 100 visits (although they might have miffed some of the lower traffic bloggers by doing so). Maybe they are targeting the higher traffic bloggers initially for their first round/format? Found these deep within the FAQ section of their website:

    “We have found through our calculations that CPM (cost per metric) advertising does not work well for low traffic blogs, and results in very small earnings, meaning it could take many months before you can actually cash out.”

    “We are also launching new ad formats that will work well for low traffic bloggers.”

    “We do not intend to be elitist, however, neither do we want to give low traffic bloggers unrealistic expectations of income.”

    Was this disclaimer always there btw? Or was it added in recently?

    I really wonder what Adverlets new ad formats are though, as its most likely a CPC (per click) thing for it to work without high traffic. Or maybe its further targeting options? Or will they copy Nuffnang’s “unique visitor” calculation method?

    Well, one interesting thing to see is that competition is going to heat up further between the two over the next few weeks…now that they both have closer minimum requirements!

  8. Eric says:

    Yes, I have read your previous article related to this topic as well. To me, RM200 really is a quite big amount of min. payout, bloggers like us more expect to receive the lower min payout and shorter time for payment. Right? If it is possible, we hope to get the money immediately without delay “tim”. lol

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wow! Looks like you have done some serious research. Ahhh, I was finding for one of the quotes you provided. I remembered reading it some place before, but I don’t remember where. I wanted to use it for my post but, nevermind. Some of the quotes you mentioned should have been there all this while (I think). They have updated some of their information lately, I’m not sure.

    Things are sure heating up. I like the amount of informations that you’ve pointed out. I’m sure your other posts are great as well. You didn’t leave your blog URL. Where’s your blog? If you don’t want to disclose it here, you can send the URL to me through my contact form. I’d really like to take a look at your other posts 🙂 .

    LOL! Very very true. If it’s possible, I want to cash out whatever amount there is — RM5 also I want to take first 🙂 However, companies set a minimum payout (eg. RM100) for a few reasons.

    Firstly, they don’t need to write so many cheques every month. Imagine writing cheques that are RM15.05. “Waste” right? Secondly, they are just “crediting” the money (numbers) into their publisher’s account — no actual money transfered. That means, publishers are happy (seeing the number in the account), while they haven’t reduced a single cent from their own account.

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