Josh, This Is Why I Approved Aw’s Comment

Honestly, I believe this post is totally unnecessary. But for the sake of you feeling a little better, I will do it anyway. This is a reply to why I approved aw’s comment.

Let me remind you of what happened. DevilsAdvocate left a very harsh statement that attacked Nuffnang. I approved his comment without censoring anything — just like I would on any other comments. But I found evidence that linked him to many hours later. That is when I censored his comment due to, as you put it, “unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims“.

When I first read aw’s comments and before approving it, my reaction was, “Shit! Not another one! ARGGGHHH!!!“. After some ‘investigation’ I decided to approve his comment, simply because I found no evidence that he was anyhow linked to Nuffnang. Let’s just say aw is a die-hard fan of Nuffnang. That doesn’t mean his comment is considered “unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims”, right? Everyone has their rights to voice out themselves.

Josh, I am a computer science graduate. But I don’t claim that I am an expert or have the knowledge of a hacker. But I do know enough to ‘curb’ the average user’s attempt of any foul play. As for those who knows more than I do, I am completely defenseless against them. I am not perfect, Josh. I admit there is a big possibility that someone could have spoofed the IP, inserted a fake e-mail address, etc etc etc. But do I have to setup a team of expert hackers just to filter off my comments section to ensure 100% comments sent are in fact sent from the person they claim to be? Do I need to ask for I.C. numbers and a photocopy of their I.C. before they can comment in my blog? Honestly Josh, I do not have that kind of resources to setup all these ‘facilities’. Maybe you can allocate some of your resources to me? I would gladly accept it.

Look, I neither fully trust you, nor Tim and Ming. I have never even met any of you guys. Looks and words can be deceiving. Come to think of it, I don’t think I saw Ming’s photo before. Can someone point me some place where I can find it? Anyway, I have heard so much negative things said about you, Josh. As for Tim and Ming, I hardly recall any offensive report that was said about them. In fact, all I heard were praises. But that doesn’t mean I believe these ‘reports’ 100%. However they say, if there is smoke, there must be fire some where.

Reasons why I approved aw’s comment:

1. It is not an obligation to leave a website URL. And you know that.

2. I sent an e-mail to the address he provided and the e-mail did not bounced back. I know this is not 100% accurate but hey, any better suggestions? A “Reply to this e-mail” before I approve a comment?

3. His IP address is no where near anyone of the guys from Nuffnang. (Don’t even think about talking of IP spoofing)

4. There is no other indications that he was linked to Nuffnang.

5. If you look closely at his post, he spelled Advertlets as “Adverlets” (I guess he watched my video and thus misspelled it :lol: ), without the first ‘T‘. You may argue that it could be done on purpose, but come on. Give me a break. Call it biased or baseless but it is good enough for me.

6. Biased or not, as the owner of this blog, I get to do whatever I like in this blog. I paid for the domain and hosting for god’s sake! I don’t need to answer anything to anyone unless I want to. If you enjoy reading my blog, you are more than welcomed to come again. If you don’t, you know the way out.

7. I seriously wanted to see how you would react to his comment. I think others would too. :twisted:

Therefore, with my limited resources and capabilities that I have, I conclude that aw is not making any unwarranted personal attacks and specious claims. He is just another guy with an opinion. That is why I approved it. I know that there is ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY that I may be wrong, but I have done my best. I hope we can stop all this nonsense ASAP. I really want to continue writing my part two of the review on Nuffnang. It has been delayed for days now, I wonder if anyone still bothers about it anymore! LOL! Anyway, I hope you are happy with my explanation.

By the way, there is one thing that I have been wanting to do all this while. That is to update my categories section. I noticed I have been writing posts that doesn’t belong in any of the categories. And now just for you Josh, I am thinking of adding a new category — Josh Lim.

Public Message To Josh

Firstly, I think you are a very smart person. Seriously, and I’m not even being sarcastic. However, I also feel that you are very manipulative (eh? I thought said won’t be sarcastic!). I have never met you in person but your feedback and responses for the past few days gives me that impression. I wonder how many others share the same thoughts as I do. Or I could be alone.

I would like to clarify two things. Firstly, I did receive your email that contains a picture of a screenshot with a graph in it. However, that picture doesn’t prove anything for it can be easily edited. If I were to post pictures instead of a video, do you think my readers would believe me half as much? Heck, it doesn’t even show which domain that graph belongs to. And I don’t see that graph anywhere in google analytics, can you please direct me to the location where it can be found?

Secondly, you’ve been saying you sent me details for the access to your website stats. And again, you said I am biased for not inspecting it. To be very honest, I don’t see it anywhere. It’s not in the attachments, it’s not even in the body of the email. Just take my word for it — it’s not there. Unless you want another video. I’m a little too stressed out for that right now, I prefer not to.

Time and time again you claimed that I am biased. Please, show me where and when. I would like to correct and improve myself further.

As for your comments:

The other point to bring up of course, is whether “DevilsAdvocate” is “TenthOfMarch”. It seems to have taken a lot of effort to make the video. If you calculate the time it took to script, shoot and edit, and the lovely props as well – it’s at least 3-4 hours, and probably more. And if you stutter, it’ll take even longer to record a good take… Btw, it’s “”. Enounciate la :) All that’s missing is ominous music in the background, and shocking sound effects (dum dum dum dum!)

Why would someone go through so much trouble? :) For a vendetta against whoever of us (Until now I have no idea which side you are on), for increased traffic, “because I can” or all of the above?

TenthOfMarch, if its not you – fine, then great piece of investigative video journalism. But you are implicated as much as we are, really. I’m not pointing the finger at you, but just stating that we can’t really see what goes on behind on your side right? We don’t even know how you look like. To either Your / DevilsAdvocate / Nuffnang’s credit though, its quite interesting though that they chose to reply in detail to the “false criticism”.

In most of the failed recordings of the video, I did mentioned, “I hope I pronounced your names correctly“. I guess I missed that out in the final recording. In the end, I was too tired I didn’t bothered going for another retake. I was wondering if Nuffnang’s ‘nang‘ was pronounced as Pe-nang or ‘Pulau Pi-nang‘. I went for the English version of course.

To say the least, when you started pointing fingers at me saying that I could be the one creating all this nonsense just to attract people into my blog did stir a little tsunami in me. To be fair to you, there is a possibility that it is true. I’ll just leave it at that. I guess I lost to you and the guys from Nuffnang in this area. Despite all my criticism, you guys managed to remain calm. I’ll need to practice more on that.

I also want to add that I DO want more traffic coming into my blog. Who doesn’t? There were a few things that I did that successfully brought in new traffic. However, there are also some that didn’t. I assure you and my readers that the technique used is legal, and most importantly, ETHICAL. I even plan to write a tutorial on it one day when my blog audience grow larger and more stable. I can’t teach something that I haven’t mastered myself, can I?

If you are still wondering whose side I am on, the answer was, and is still — neither. I’ve said this in the video, I don’t give a damn about your fights. But it looks like I stood a little too close, and have received a few blows myself.

One last thing. You don’t need to hit on me so hard. My blog did somehow attract a larger crowd out of a sudden, but it would probably disappear the same way. Furthermore, it’s not like my opinions have any ‘weight’. Now if you will excuse me, I have a Part Two review to write.

TenthOfMarch Reviews Nuffnang From The Inside (Part One)

Wow! I never thought that writing Review: Nuffnang Vs. Advertlets would bring in a few new readers to my blog. That post generated some great discussions between Nuffnang, Advertlets and myself. However, they say you cannot judge a book by its cover. Therefore, neither can you judge a website by its index finger page.

Pointing finger to Nuffnang’s banner on the right

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

So, I decided to register an account with them and make a review (and also one or two ringgit) from the inside. I’m going to start off with Nuffnang and continue with Advertlets after completely ransacking Nuffnang’s ‘insides’. This may seem a little unfair for Nuffnang because it gives Advertlets some extra time before ‘judgement day’. However, I have no choice because apparently, Advertlets do not do business with small-time blogger with less than 100 unique visitors per day like me. Grrrr!! :evil:

Due to the extra traffic generated from the previous posts, as of 10pm today, my blog has successfully surpassed the 100 unique visitors mark. I will work on it and hopefully will be able to stabilize or increase this number further. Alright, enough nonsense and lets get to business.


Registering an account was a breeze. It took me under a minute to fill up the form and hit the ‘Sign Up Now!‘ button. Seconds later, I received the confirmation letter and clicked on the activation link. When I thought I could start setting up my banner, I was asked to fill up some survey first. :mad: What annoyed me was it took me longer to fill up the survey than it did with the account registration. And I can’t even skip the damn thing (I think). But I guess it’s ok — they help me scratch my back, I help them scratch their backside loh.

Immediately after starting the survey, I felt like throwing one of the Nuffnang guys down the Penang bridge already. I wonder which one of them made the survey. Surveys should be short and easy to answer. Nevermind the 10-over questions. I’m already stuck with the first one!

Stuck at first survey question

I try to make it a commitment to blog daily. However, my statistic shows I misses two or three posts a week. That means I blog ‘4 or 5 times a week‘. Where’s my option? If I answered ‘3 times‘ will my earnings be less? If I answered ‘Daily‘ will you call me a liar if I missed a post? First question also so challenging already. Grrr……WOOF WOOF!! Oppss…. :oops:

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Provide option for “Daily”, “1-2 Times a Week”, “3-4 Times a Week”, “5-6 Times a Week”, etc.


Some of the questions asked DO have multiple answers. However, you only provide ‘bullet options’ which allows only one answer. Take for example:

a) How would you categorise your blog?
b) Are you signed up on any other ad networks?

My blog is (or will be) about business, personal and technology. Currently, a workaround to this problem would be to select “Others” and write them in the textfield. However, I am lazy, so I just selected ‘Technology’. Luckily I only have AdSense running on my page, or else I’ll be scratching my head bald thinking which to choose again.

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Provide checkbox for questions that have multiple answers. That way, we get to select more than one answer.


Then comes the second part of your survey. “Section 2: Now tell us about your readers“. I tell you, this part is the most ‘jia-lat‘. I was having a head-banging time answering questions about myself already. And now you want to know about my readers? All I know is that they have taste (they are reading my blog, aren’t they?). Ok seriously, I think (but I may be wrong) that most bloggers do not have a clear knowledge of their readers accurately.

Here is my reasoning. According to this article, only 1 out of 100 of your readers will leave a comment. Let’s say you are really good and manage to get 1 out of 10 of your readers to comment. After that, you make real good friends with them. Such a good friend you are, you are even able to know their future! However, you are still very much in the dark with the other 90-99% of your readers. True? Therefore, answering any of your questions regarding my (our) readers is based purely on my (our) own guessing. Is it still accurate then? So why bother having it? This part of the survey is just a big waste of time.

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Remove section 2 of your survey. If you really want the survey done, I suggest putting it up in your Nuffnangites’ blogs and allow their readers to answer them instead. How? What? I can only point you to one direction. You know where that is. Innovate. If not, just copy (at your own risks). :twisted:


So that was it. I finally finished registering an account. How did I feel right after that? To say the least — somewhat exhausted and tu-lan frustrated at the same time. Nonetheless, I’m excited to be able to continue my quest in drilling deeper into them. You cannot imagine what I found next. BUGS!!!! Yes, those creepy crawly ‘things’ that become every programmers nightmare.

This is only Part One. Catch Part Two of my review that will be coming out soon. I hope I don’t have to extend it to Part Three. :mrgreen:

Sorry for the occasional sarcasm, no life joke, some not so friendly remarks and my honesty. You may bitch me, but don’t ditch me. See that “Leave a Reply” section down there? Go on, tell me what you think about my post, me or even my hand (if you want!). Oh by the way, hope you like the ‘handjob’! ;-) Cheers.

Advertlets Invites TenthOfMarch To Their Office

After posting a review on Review: Nuffnang Vs. Advertlets yesterday, I had 3 great gentlemen commenting in my blog — Ming and Timothy Tiah from Nuffnang, and Josh Lim from Advertlets. In that post, I pointed out a few mistakes and suggested further improvements that can be applied to their websites. Some of which were applied immediately. While others are taken “into consideration for future site features and amendments“.

It did felt great. Me being a one month old blogger, having such an impact on two (may I say) leaders of a unique twist in blog advertising network in Asia. It reminded me of the scene where Superman carried a truck while he was still in his diapers.

If that is not enough to make a man fly, what about an invitation to Advertlets’ office? I’m sure that even an elephant would fly. It’s true guys, TenthOfMarch has been officially invited by Josh Lim to visit Advertlets’ office. In his own words, “You’re also welcome to come down to the Advertlets office one of these days for a peek at our back end if you like …“. That was great news, but he has to add, “… but no photographs“.

What is a blogger good for ‘visiting places’ without a camera? Can’t I have my shot at cam-whoring? I’ve seen other bloggers so excited doing it. And I have no idea why. Haha. Of course, I understand and respect his reasons. However, it would be nice to at least have a picture with him, wouldn’t it? That would add an extra picture into my collections.

I’m seriously looking forward to it. I just hope that they don’t beat me up, or satay me alive because of my ‘not-so-kind’ reviews on them.

I wonder what I should wear on that day. Damn…better lose a few pounds before taking that picture. Until then…..