An Unpleasant Trip To KL

I haven’t been updating my blog this two days because I went over to KL. My gf has finished her studies so she was moving out. Of course, I was there to help her move her things. After we cleared her stuffs, her housemate joked that she must have shifted half of the house’s content out. Not to mention the amount of shoes she had.

I really have no idea why girls own so many pairs of shoes. One pair for each dress/outfit? I doubt that some of the shoes were worn more than once before. A pair of sport shoes, a pair of leather shoes, and a pair of slippers would have kept me happy for a year (or more — until they’re unwearable).

What bothered me on this trip was my unpleasant experience in the Putra LRT train on the day I arrived. It was around 5.30pm and everyone was rushing back from work. The train was packed like sardine. It even smelled like one too. Then, an “uncle” came on board in one of the stops. I was standing beside the door in a corner and he ended up standing in front of me. As the train moved, he started leaning his back against me. I guess he must have thought he was leaning against the metal bar beside where I was standing. However, it wouldn’t be realistic to compare the “hardness” of the metal bar with my chest 😉

Anyway, more people went down on the next stop. I felt relieved because I thought there is now enough space for him to move away. The door closed, the train started moving, but the man was still leaning against my chest. I was like, “What the …“. I believe the others watching must be feeling weird. Maybe he didn’t notice me behind him, so I started giving signals by coughing, “AHEM!“. He didn’t move. I didn’t want to nudge him because that will make me look disrespectful.

By then I was quite furious. To make things worse, he started sweating! Of all places, his back is starting to sweat and I can feel the “wetness” on my chest. I didn’t move because I believe I have the rights to be there, since I was there first. In the past whenever I have a seat on the train, I would give my seat to those who need it (old, pregnant, disabled, etc) out of courtesy. However, I didn’t even budge for this “uncle” because he was plain RUDE!

The next stop came, I was glad that he went down. I couldn’t imagine being in that situation for another stop.

7 thoughts on “An Unpleasant Trip To KL

  1. HORNY ANG MOH says:

    Ur chest must be big & hairy!! I am sure ur gf must have a lot of good time leaning against it. Ladies & their shoes, got so many pairs. Same as my gf. Have a nice day.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Boss Lepton
    Haha. Like I said, I would have gladly moved away in some other situation. As for this situation, I felt he was being a little rude. It is almost like he did it on purpose, trying to force me to move.

    Imagine a different scenario, where I have a seat and out of no where an aunty comes up to me yelling, “Oi budak! Stand up and give me your seat!”. I may or may not give my seat to her, but I would have stared at her with “The look”. Anyway, that “uncle” is only in his early forties. So I guess he’s not “that old” 😛 .

    LOL. No-no. It’s not that “big”, and definitely not hairy. I heard some girls go wild when they see a guy with hairy chest, is that true? Anyway, I guess it doesn’t apply to me then.

  3. Jasraj says:

    If I was in your situation, I would have moved away from the guy asap. You’re lucky that he got off the train after a short distance only. Just imagine if he had stayed on all the way, leaning on you all the way – with you still standing there, not budging at all.

    Principles are good to hold onto, but sometimes Common Sense is more important.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    True. I’m very lucky he got down the next stop. I was actually worried that he was a “thief” or something. I’ve been in a few situations where the people around me lost their handphone or wallet in a congested train like that. I was pressing on both of them through my jeans to make sure it is impossible for someone to take it — just to be safe.

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