TenthOfMarch Calling Out For Help To Fight Internet Scams!

Yesterday, I read two articles in the newspaper with great concern.

Article #1: Student falls victim to Net scam
Article #2: Millions lost in e-invest scam

Scams — online or offline — are real. The hazards are real. Despite efforts from various parties trying to educate the public regarding scams, somehow the message is just not reaching out.

Take Article #1 for example; the victim was actually conned TWICE totaling RM148,000 on the same day and by the same group of people. The first attempt saw her losing RM46,000. Having caught a naive victim, her perpetrator tried to con her again. This time, using a bigger cash prize (RM3.2mil) as the bait. Unfortunately, the poor victim fell for it.

We have probably read, heard or saw news about people falling for scams. The victims range from Datuks to lawyers to college students to housewives. Most of them are well educated people but yet they fail to identify these scams. There is nothing to be blamed but the lack of awareness itself. In the past week, I read two blogger’s post regarding scams through the Internet and SMS.

Scams and other methods of fraud will not cease by itself. In fact, it will only grow and strengthen as new techniques and methods are used. Therefore, to solve this problem I suggest we, bloggers run a “Scam Awareness Campaign“. We will use our blogs to spread the message, warning readers to be aware of scams.

We can set a date (eg. 30th April 2007), where on that date, all bloggers who are willing to join this campaign will write a post about scams in their own blog(s). It can be about how to identify scams, latest scams techniques, scam prevention or any other related topic. The post don’t need to be long. Even a “Beware of scam!” message is sufficient. This is an opportunity to spread the message to help reduce the rate of scams.

You don’t have to be a Malaysian or are currently residing in Malaysia to join this campaign. This is because scams happen throughout the world. Check this and this out. The most important thing is, this campaign is FREE. You don’t pay anything to run it. Of course, unless you say, “I pay for this site. Every alphabets, I pay for” (just joking). But hey, it is for a good cause.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.
— Les Brown

It would be great if I can gather a large number of bloggers to join this campaign. However, to not be alone at the end, would suffice.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions to help promote this campaign, please leave a comment. To help me better understand the possible response of this campaign, please answer the poll below. Thank you.


Will you join the scam awareness campaign?
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UPDATE: I found another blog entry regarding scam. Go read her entry on how a live scam would have been like.

UPDATE 2: I wrote two posts in the past about scams as well. Check them out here and here.

UPDATE 3: Yet another post from LiewCF entitled, “Why Join Internet Investment Schemes“. At first glance, I thought he was ENCOURAGING people to join Internet investment schemes! LOL! However, after reading his post, I realize he was advising people against it. It’s a good read.

19 thoughts on “TenthOfMarch Calling Out For Help To Fight Internet Scams!

  1. mooiness says:

    I would add that most of the time, it’s also the victim’s greed which gets them into trouble. We should all remember the old refrain that “if something seems too good to be true, it most probably is”.

  2. Bat says:

    Yes..so do I..Maybe you can write about this in my blog, tell me if you want to, I’ll arrange an account(guest writer) for you..

  3. Boss Lepton says:

    niama cheap publicity

    but nvm i support u hahaha, i also dunno who will fall for these scams 1. It’s so obvious that they are scams. But I do know of friends running similar things but he targets stupid US ppl, really, they are really DUMB.

  4. Bat says:

    If you can, in Malay would be great, but if you feel strange, just use the english word to keep it’s meaning..Tell me if you’re ready.. 🙂

    A banner would be great in the sidebar..

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  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    Agreed. Greed can blind rationality.

    Great! 🙂 Remember…30th April. We fire up the blogosphere with our message.

    Ahh…that’s something new. I believe it would be fun. Sure, I’ll do it.

    I’ll need to prepare the post soon. I’ll be a little busy this few days. But I’m sure I can cope with it. I’ll tell you after I have completed the post. Then you can send me the account information.

    Errrmmm…”guest writer” account only? Administrative account cannot? Hahahhaha. J/k.

    @Boss Lepton
    hahaha. I really laughed like mad when I first read your comment. Which reminds me of Patrick Teoh’s NIAMAH!!! blog. LOL.

    Hey…I notice you put up my banner in your blog. Thanks! Remember to write a post yourself, ya? 30th April. A short one like the one below will do:

    “Beware of scams! NIAMAH!!!”


    Thanks CUN kimberlycun! 🙂 So far, 43% people thinks I’m doing this to gain cheap publicity. Hehehe. Nevermind, nevermind. Faster help promote my blog the scam awareness campaign. 😉 .

    @Chapree Da Grande

    Xie xie! (which means thank you I think — my pinyin not accurate 😛 )

  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Dave Lu
    Hi, welcome over. Yes, the URL you provided was highlighted by LiewCF in the article that I linked in this post. You can get to LiewCF’s post here.

    I did not register or bought anything from that website. Therefore, I cannot comment much about the inside of it. However, it’s very strange that someone would sell you their secret for making up to RM38,000 in a month for just RM90. I hope it’s not a “you buy this e-book package for RM90, and then you sell it to 10 other people, and you have RM900! Sell to 100 and you have RM9,000!” kind of thing.

    Even the pictures of the condo and merz that he claims he own looks so fake. I wonder who in the world would fall for that.

    Can lah, admin rights, OK? Hahhaha. I’ll contact you as soon as I finish my post. I’m a little tied up this few days. I hope I can get those posts ready on time.

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  10. Davelu says:

    Hey Kelwin,

    Got something that might interest you… but 1st do you know of any software that i can use to convert audio clips in .amr format( recording using a SE phone) to .wav or anything that can be opened on the pc… i got some clips i need to convert… sorry always kacau for technical advice..

    Anyway.. check out my post and pass the message!!!…i managed to actually get these people to reveal a HLB account number and name to me…

  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hey, no problem. I’m happy if I can help. I did a quick search at Google and found Mobile AMR converter. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t confirm if it works. There are plenty of scammers out there. Just the other day I witnessed a group of guys trying to cheat another guy. Not sure if the victim got cheated in the end because I left the scene.

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