TenthOfMarch Reviews Nuffnang From The Inside (Part One)

Wow! I never thought that writing Review: Nuffnang Vs. Advertlets would bring in a few new readers to my blog. That post generated some great discussions between Nuffnang, Advertlets and myself. However, they say you cannot judge a book by its cover. Therefore, neither can you judge a website by its index finger page.

Pointing finger to Nuffnang’s banner on the right

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

So, I decided to register an account with them and make a review (and also one or two ringgit) from the inside. I’m going to start off with Nuffnang and continue with Advertlets after completely ransacking Nuffnang’s ‘insides’. This may seem a little unfair for Nuffnang because it gives Advertlets some extra time before ‘judgement day’. However, I have no choice because apparently, Advertlets do not do business with small-time blogger with less than 100 unique visitors per day like me. Grrrr!! πŸ‘Ώ

Due to the extra traffic generated from the previous posts, as of 10pm today, my blog has successfully surpassed the 100 unique visitors mark. I will work on it and hopefully will be able to stabilize or increase this number further. Alright, enough nonsense and lets get to business.


Registering an account was a breeze. It took me under a minute to fill up the form and hit the ‘Sign Up Now!‘ button. Seconds later, I received the confirmation letter and clicked on the activation link. When I thought I could start setting up my banner, I was asked to fill up some survey first. 😑 What annoyed me was it took me longer to fill up the survey than it did with the account registration. And I can’t even skip the damn thing (I think). But I guess it’s ok — they help me scratch my back, I help them scratch their backside loh.

Immediately after starting the survey, I felt like throwing one of the Nuffnang guys down the Penang bridge already. I wonder which one of them made the survey. Surveys should be short and easy to answer. Nevermind the 10-over questions. I’m already stuck with the first one!

Stuck at first survey question

I try to make it a commitment to blog daily. However, my statistic shows I misses two or three posts a week. That means I blog ‘4 or 5 times a week‘. Where’s my option? If I answered ‘3 times‘ will my earnings be less? If I answered ‘Daily‘ will you call me a liar if I missed a post? First question also so challenging already. Grrr……WOOF WOOF!! Oppss…. 😳

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Provide option for “Daily”, “1-2 Times a Week”, “3-4 Times a Week”, “5-6 Times a Week”, etc.


Some of the questions asked DO have multiple answers. However, you only provide ‘bullet options’ which allows only one answer. Take for example:

a) How would you categorise your blog?
b) Are you signed up on any other ad networks?

My blog is (or will be) about business, personal and technology. Currently, a workaround to this problem would be to select “Others” and write them in the textfield. However, I am lazy, so I just selected ‘Technology’. Luckily I only have AdSense running on my page, or else I’ll be scratching my head bald thinking which to choose again.

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Provide checkbox for questions that have multiple answers. That way, we get to select more than one answer.


Then comes the second part of your survey. “Section 2: Now tell us about your readers“. I tell you, this part is the most ‘jia-lat‘. I was having a head-banging time answering questions about myself already. And now you want to know about my readers? All I know is that they have taste (they are reading my blog, aren’t they?). Ok seriously, I think (but I may be wrong) that most bloggers do not have a clear knowledge of their readers accurately.

Here is my reasoning. According to this article, only 1 out of 100 of your readers will leave a comment. Let’s say you are really good and manage to get 1 out of 10 of your readers to comment. After that, you make real good friends with them. Such a good friend you are, you are even able to know their future! However, you are still very much in the dark with the other 90-99% of your readers. True? Therefore, answering any of your questions regarding my (our) readers is based purely on my (our) own guessing. Is it still accurate then? So why bother having it? This part of the survey is just a big waste of time.

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Remove section 2 of your survey. If you really want the survey done, I suggest putting it up in your Nuffnangites’ blogs and allow their readers to answer them instead. How? What? I can only point you to one direction. You know where that is. Innovate. If not, just copy (at your own risks). 😈


So that was it. I finally finished registering an account. How did I feel right after that? To say the least — somewhat exhausted and tu-lan frustrated at the same time. Nonetheless, I’m excited to be able to continue my quest in drilling deeper into them. You cannot imagine what I found next. BUGS!!!! Yes, those creepy crawly ‘things’ that become every programmers nightmare.

This is only Part One. Catch Part Two of my review that will be coming out soon. I hope I don’t have to extend it to Part Three. :mrgreen:

Sorry for the occasional sarcasm, no life joke, some not so friendly remarks and my honesty. You may bitch me, but don’t ditch me. See that “Leave a Reply” section down there? Go on, tell me what you think about my post, me or even my hand (if you want!). Oh by the way, hope you like the ‘handjob’! πŸ˜‰ Cheers.

10 thoughts on “TenthOfMarch Reviews Nuffnang From The Inside (Part One)

  1. DevilsAdvocate says:

    [edited: TenthOfMarch removed this part due to false criticism]

    This sentence is hilarious: “I felt like throwing one of the Nuffnang guys down the Penang bridge already”. So if you get frustrated with Advertlets, then how? Throw down the Klang river? KL Tower?

  2. Ming says:

    Hi there,

    It’s Ming from the Nuffnang network. Just to clarify. We have three layers of information gathering, so we can target effectively.

    These are the blogger registration form, the 20 question survey and the detailed statcounter (which gives us much more information than we present to the blogger).

    From all these three avenues, we gather and organize the information through our backend systems to target a blog and its readers effectively.

    A large proportion of our bloggers know who their readers are. Since we accept bloggers with as little as 20 unique visits, many of our bloggers know in fact EXACTLY who is reading their blog. Probably their family and friends.

    For the bigger bloggers, like kennysia for example. They maintain very close contact with many of their readers, having hundreds of comments and emails a week. When they sell their advertisments on personally, it is this information they use. Maintaining close relationships with your blog readers and interacting with them is necessary to ensure you maintain influence.

    Just like you and me are doing now! Hey I’m ming! Nice to meet you!

    We have dealt with a number of global brands, and are currently negotiating with them. They are confident our approach is sound.

    If you imagine a CTR of 1-3 percent for an ad unit as Josh has previously stated, thats not a very big sample for poll data anyway. Having said that, we must admit, his integrated poll unit is an interesting feature that could help bloggers better understand who their readers are.

    Many roads lead to rome. Our main one is the one we have built. In the near future, who knows what other ones we will construct to make our community stronger?


  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    I planned to start writing the part 2 tonight but I’m having a headache now due to lack of sleep. I slept at 5am yesterday writing that post. Didn’t expected blogging would be this tough πŸ™ .

    I’m glad you enjoyed the joke. Sometimes I like to spice things up by putting some jokes in my blog. It may or may not sound offensive, but I hope the receiving party/parties don’t get offended.

    As for the attack on Nuffnang in the first part of your comment….

    I have removed it. Should have done it earlier. I can’t help it but to think that you MUST be someone from Advertlets, or at least somehow associated with them. The email you provided doesn’t exist (I should have checked earlier — my fault). Most importantly, your IP is almost identical with Josh’s last IP (124.82.X.198) & (124.82.X+1.84).

    I hate it when people stab someone from the back. I hate it when people do it yet don’t have the balls to admit it. I especially hate it when people mess with me.

    However, if you really are not someone from Advertlets, contact me with your email. I believe everyone has the rights to voice out what they feel. But you should have used your real email address. Whatever it is, I still want to hear from you and listen to your explaination.

    I appreciate you giving your time reading and commenting on my post.

    I understand your point. I agree that Advertlet’s polls do not represent the whole population of a blog’s readers. They only cover those that actually answered the polls. I guess there’s really nothing much you can do about the majority that keeps silent in the background who only wants to read and not participate.

    Anyway, so far I think you guys have done a GREAT job with Nuffnang. No one and nothing is perfect. There’s always room for improvements. I’m still waiting for my ads to appear, but that would be another week or so πŸ™ .

    Actually, I have some questions to ask regarding Nuffnang’s earnings and stuffs…but that would reveal details on the part 2 of my review. Maybe you guys can answer them later.

  4. Timothy Tiah says:

    Hi TenthofMarch,

    As usual you have given us valuable feedback. I would love to answer whatever questions on Nuffnang. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at timothy [at] nuffnang [dot ] com.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to weed out our weaknesses. Without people like you, we will never improve.

  5. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Hi, Now you have my e-mail. I’ve included it in this post, but I would prefer you not mention it. You see, like you, I like to have some degree of anonymity, for example you don’t put your real name on your blog too πŸ™‚

    Actually, what you mentioned about the IPs says nothing…it just means that me and Josh are using the same ISP (shock horror – TMNet!!), or we might both be from PJ.

    Try accessing this URLs:
    http://www.google.com.my/search?hl=en&q=124.82&btnG=Google Search&meta=

    If I’m not mistaken, all 124.82.X.X IPs resolve to TMNet.
    If it were (124.82.198.X) & (124.82.198.X 1) then that might probably mean something, like we’re walking distance from each other or at the next table or something.

    Nope, I’m not from Advertlets, I’m just a poor IT student with an opinion. And I’m quiet, mysterious and hardworking too. Hehe! Hope this is enough for an “explanation”? Feel free to contact me if you need more.

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    I don’t put my name on my blog because I don’t want to, and I don’t need to. Even though my real name doesn’t appear in my blog, I am fully responsible for everything that I write. I take precautions to report the whole truth, and to make sure I do not go overboard. That is why sometimes I take hours to write a single post. I need to make sure it’s appealing, interesting, and contains full facts.

    If any of my readers, or the people that I write in my blog has any views, comments or even complaints, they can always contact me, or leave a comment and I WILL get back to them.

    However, what you did (leaving a harsh remark on Nuffnang) without leaving proper identification is equal to sending a ‘surat layang’. Your email will not be displayed in my blog, neither will I ever disclose it (unless required by the law or whatever — that time everybody must).

    Therefore, I agree that everyone has their rights to reserve their anonymity. However, what you did is unacceptable. Period.

    Oh yeah, a little present for you.

  7. Josh Lim says:

    Hi Ming,

    Actually, our CTR for the poll is not 1-3 percent. Where did you get that figure from?

    The highest on our network currently (percentage wise) is about 16.89%, (302 impressions, 51 submissions) the lowest about 0.2% (491 impressions, 1 submission). It really depends where the bloggers put the poll, and whether you invite visitors to take it. Generally, the higher the better, and the more you tell people to, the more responses there are. After all, they are there to read what the blogger has to say.

    In terms of poll submissions, just so you know also, Joyce of http://www.xanga.com/kinkybluefairy has 977 poll submissions so far. Ringo of Cheeserland.com has 309 poll submissions so far. Big enough a sample for you? πŸ™‚

    Across the whole network, 20,656 questions have been answered. Assuming it takes 5 seconds to answer one question on average (one poll has about 4-6 questions in general), a total of 28 hours worth of opinions have been collected to date.

    Ming, I’m glad you like our poll, and that you find it interesting. For a small stake in Nuffnang Sdn Bhd (just 51% will do, I’m not greedy), I’ll gladly license you the integrated poll unit technology!

    Contact me at josh.lim@adv..ohwell, you know where to reach me.

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