Scam Awareness Campaign Post #1

On one sunny afternoon about a week ago, I found a piece of folded paper stuck at my gate. Immediately after unfolding it, I realized what it was an automatically threw it into the bin. I must have seen dozens of “brochures” like that in the past. About 5 seconds later, I picked up the brochure, dust it clean and kept it neatly. No, I’m not about to bet my life away in this scam. I was planning to use it to warn others. :-)

Example Of Scam Brochure

It read, “Keputusan dalam 3 hari. Pasti mengubah kehidupan anda” which translates to “Results in 3 days. Sure to change your life“. It was a typical looking “4D scam brochure” with the following information:

1. Master’s photo (the one who will be giving away the winning numbers)
2. “Past winner’s” testimonials
3. “Winning tickets” that matches the result
4. How/what the “past winner” gave back to the Master as a thank you gesture.

Few days ago, I read an article in the newspaper entitled, “Betting on ‘winning digits’ led deliveryman to lose everything“. The man gambled away all his savings and was left “with only RM14 left to his name“. Has greed taken away the ability to think rationally? Humans do make mistakes, but to fall for the same scam over and over again is ridiculous.

The newspaper also reported that “He also suggested that victims lodge police reports so that action can be taken against unscrupulous syndicates“. This is one thing I have never understood. I am sure the police are well aware of such syndicates/scams. Not to mention the other scams that are lurking out there. The question is, “Why must a police report be lodge before investigation/action is taken?If they blame it on “procedure”, their own personnel could have lodge a police report themselves, no?

To wait for an official “report” or complaint before they start an investigation is ridiculous. Especially if they are already aware that such scams are under operation. Even the telephone number is printed on the brochure. What are they waiting for? Go under cover, pretend to be a “victim” and nab the conman in action!

This post is meant to deter people away from scams. There must be 101 different types of scams out there. It depends on your own wits and rationality to differentiate scams from opportunities. Remember the old saying that goes, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

An Unpleasant Trip To KL

I haven’t been updating my blog this two days because I went over to KL. My gf has finished her studies so she was moving out. Of course, I was there to help her move her things. After we cleared her stuffs, her housemate joked that she must have shifted half of the house’s content out. Not to mention the amount of shoes she had.

I really have no idea why girls own so many pairs of shoes. One pair for each dress/outfit? I doubt that some of the shoes were worn more than once before. A pair of sport shoes, a pair of leather shoes, and a pair of slippers would have kept me happy for a year (or more — until they’re unwearable).

What bothered me on this trip was my unpleasant experience in the Putra LRT train on the day I arrived. It was around 5.30pm and everyone was rushing back from work. The train was packed like sardine. It even smelled like one too. Then, an “uncle” came on board in one of the stops. I was standing beside the door in a corner and he ended up standing in front of me. As the train moved, he started leaning his back against me. I guess he must have thought he was leaning against the metal bar beside where I was standing. However, it wouldn’t be realistic to compare the “hardness” of the metal bar with my chest ;-)

Anyway, more people went down on the next stop. I felt relieved because I thought there is now enough space for him to move away. The door closed, the train started moving, but the man was still leaning against my chest. I was like, “What the …“. I believe the others watching must be feeling weird. Maybe he didn’t notice me behind him, so I started giving signals by coughing, “AHEM!“. He didn’t move. I didn’t want to nudge him because that will make me look disrespectful.

By then I was quite furious. To make things worse, he started sweating! Of all places, his back is starting to sweat and I can feel the “wetness” on my chest. I didn’t move because I believe I have the rights to be there, since I was there first. In the past whenever I have a seat on the train, I would give my seat to those who need it (old, pregnant, disabled, etc) out of courtesy. However, I didn’t even budge for this “uncle” because he was plain RUDE!

The next stop came, I was glad that he went down. I couldn’t imagine being in that situation for another stop.

GMail Spam (Beware Of Conman)

I check GMail for new e-mails daily. I personally feel that GMail provides one of the best spam filters in the industry. Although occasionally, there will be a few junk mails that will find its way into my inbox once in a while. This morning, I got one e-mail with the subject “greeting-not spam“. My instincts immediately label this e-mail as spam. However, my curiosity kicked in and I wanted to know the e-mail’s content. So I opened it up.

GMail Spam Message

A quick check on the e-mail header confirmed my earlier hypothesis. Usually, the “to” section of the header will display the recipient’s e-mail (in this case that should be my e-mail address). In this e-mail, “undisclosed-recipients <>” was displayed instead. This is probably because this e-mail was sent to many other e-mail addresses.

The “sender” is supposed to be a Chinese guy. Sounds like he’s looking to make friends with me. Reading on, “Looking for sincere friendship and future life partner” sent shivers all over my body. The last sentence indicates that “he” got my e-mail address from a friend — probably someone who knows me as well.

This e-mail makes me sick. If this e-mail is not a spam, my reply would be, “Dude, I’m a dude myself, OK!?!? Your friend must be pulling your leg. Or else, I’m not *YOUR TYPE*!

This e-mail reminds me of some news report where some girls met some guys online, made friends and met up with them. The next thing they remember is waking up in a foreign bed or in a deserted forest. I wonder if this e-mail is one of those attempts to cheat naive girls/ladies. Nevertheless, reports on girls being cheated by friends they befriended through Internet, SMS and telephone is on the rise. Therefore, be on the look out! If you notice any of your friends/colleagues mixing with “suspicious friends” like these, WARN THEM!

Why is the rum gone?

Eh, eh, eh, how can I miss this opportunity? I have read a few blogs posting up for this competition already. I cannot be left out. Especially when a ticket to the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Opening Night is on the line. Come to think of it, I only remember watching the first “episode”. There is a third one out already? :roll:

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3

Note: Picture grabbed from Nuffnang’s website and edited WITHOUT permission. :twisted:

As usual, Nuffnang never fails to impress me. This is the first community event that Nuffnang is organizing. And mind you, they are planning to make it BIG, real BIG. Just exactly how big, you may ask? It is possibly the largest blogger gathering ever held in the history of Malaysia. They are doing that by booking an entire cinema hall at Cineleisure.

What caught my attention next was their “Best Dressed Pirate Contest”. Those who are going to the movie are supposed to dress up like pirates. The best dressed pirate will win a 3 days 2 nights trip for 2 to Singapore! WOW! If that is not enough, they promised to cover all transportation expenses to Singapore and from your town as well! Make that a business class MAS ticket, can?

I really want to win the trip to Singapore. However, to be eligible for that trip, I will need to beat the other 249 “Nuffnanger-pirates” lookalike — all dressed up to be the best looking pirate. Hey, I already look like a pirate even in daily clothes. If I were to dress up like a pirate, the guards will stop me even before I step into the complex! So for heaven’s sakes, just pass me the winning ballot, can? :mrgreen:

TenthOfMarch Down For 17 Hours!

(… and I hear a voice from a distance asking, “Why not forever?”)

I have heard some people saying that some things/people cannot be praised or else it/they will end up screwing up things. I guess me praising my web hosting company (ServerFreak) just a day ago ended up with you guys staring at the screen below for the past 17 hours.

Page Not Found

(In an attempt to recreate the screenshot above, I opened a URL that doesn’t (shouldn’t) exist — What are the odds for a domain like that to be registered, right? Now, try it

So, does that means I am ready to give ServerFreak the biggest slap on the face? Never! In fact, I don’t blame them at all. But, someone has to be blamed, right? So, who? Netmyne! Why? The server is hosted there loh! Duh!


Update: Hmmm…seems like ServerFreak bought the server. Netmyne’s job is just to host it only. But still, I don’t blame ServerFreak. *frantically looking for an excuse to blame Netmyne* Ahhh….I know. Must be the fengshui at Netmyne not good, that’s why the harddisk broke!


The server has been running for maybe a month or so only and the harddisk is already broken. After a few minutes of damage assessment, I realized I lost my previous post and some comments. I also lost 2 votes in my first poll. ARGGHHH!!! But luckily I have a copy of the previous post in my local drive and I remember what the two votes were. As for the comments, I can retrieve them from my mailbox. At the end of the day, the damages were minimal. *phewww*

They replaced the faulty harddisk with a new one. I will try to remind myself to make a backup once every two days or so, for the next 30 days. That is because if a new harddisk has any manufacturing defects, it should show by then (I think). Anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On an unrelated topic, support my attempt to increase awareness on scams! Read this post and vote. There is 5 more days to prepare a post for it. On 30th April 2007, those who are willing to join this campaign will need to publish a post regarding scams in their own blog(s). If this campaign is successful, we can even do it a “monthly thing” — one post at the end of every month. I even made an ugly banner/button for it. Can someone please help design a better one?

Scam Awareness Campaign

UPDATE: If you commented in my post but don’t see it there anymore, don’t worry. I’ll add those comments back soon.

UPDATE 2: All comments were added back up. *BIG LONG SIGGHHH* What I need to do next, is to RE-ANSWER all the comments again. DEJAVU. LOL!

UPDATE 3: All done. Everything is back to normal. *exhausted*