Lightning Strikes Twice At MAS

After my previous complaint on F1 commentary needs to improve, I believe the next person that deserves a spanking is the staff at the ticketing counter of our Malaysia Airlines (MAS) at the Kuantan airport.

I booked a ticket online for a flight from Kuantan – KLIA – Auckland – KLIA – Kuantan. As for the current procedures, the self-printed-ticket can be used for domestic flights. However, if you have an international flight, you will still need to collect the tickets from their ticketing counter.

When I went to the counter to collect my tickets about a week ago, the staff took a brief look at my self-printed-ticket, and told me that I didn’t need to collect any tickets for my flights. Seeing me puzzled, he explained that I didn’t have to collect the tickets because I booked the tickets online and had already made the payment. He also added that I only need to pass the self-printed-ticket to the check-in counter, and I will be given a boarding pass then.

Confused, I had no choice but to leave the counter even though I was quite certain that I must collect my tickets from them. After all, he’s a staff there, and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

Upon reaching home, I made another call to the MAS office to inform them of what happened. Again, they told me I MUST collect my tickets from the counter at least one day before my flight. I almost blew my top. It took me a little over an hour to go to the airport and back. Now I will have to waste another hour just because of the staff’s mistake.

Few days later, I made a call to the ticketing counter to ask what time they will be open. It didn’t help the situation when the staff replied rudely, “Aiyah…you just come before 6pm lah”. He sounded like he had a bad day and is picking on me. I almost had a fight with him on the phone, but decided to air my complaint in The Star one day.

When I tried to collect my tickets for the second time, I was greeted with a different staff. However, after looking at my self-printed-ticket he told me that I didn’t need to collect any tickets. I was furious. I told him to look at it properly, that I had an international flight due. He replied, “Oh yeah ah”, and finally started to print the tickets for me.

The image of MAS can easily be destroyed by a few bad staffs like that. And I thought that VMY 2007 will see some improvements in the customer service sector. I guess I was wrong.

Who said lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice?

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