The Star publishes TenthOfMarch’s first letter

Yesterday (Sunday) at 6:09pm, I received a phone call from The Editor of The Star. At least I think it was from him, the line was so bad it took me a lot of, “Who? What? From where?” before I got a clear “The Star….the newspaper…” from him. He called me to confirm that the letter that I sent the previous night was selected and will be published in the newspaper today (Monday). I was ecstatic when I heard the news.

The Star full page

He asked if I wanted to write off as “TenthOfMarch“. Deep down in my heart, I really wanted to write off as ““. At least that will pull some attention to my blog. In the end, I did not, out of fear that they might not even publish my letter (due to free advertisement). 5 minutes after the phone call, I regretted my decision. I should have at least suggested ““, and let him decide if it’s appropriate or not. Well, it’s already too late. I couldn’t call him back and say, “errr…can you please change it to instead? please please pleasee……“.

No problem, I’ll just use for the next letter that I will send in. Hopefully my letter will be picked again, and that they’ll allow me to publicize my blog. 🙂

The Star: F1 commentary needs to improve

Ahhh…sweet. They even included a picture of Kimi Raikkonen in his spanking new red ferrari for the article MY ARTICLE. Here’s a quote from the article MY ARTICLE (I wonder who owns the copyright to the article. Anyway, no harm. They’ve edited some grammar mistakes I’ve made as well. Don’t blame me, it was 4.20 AM when I posted that letter):

I WAS forced to watch the Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 qualifying on TV2 because I had no access to Astro that morning. I avoid watching local channels because the commentary is usually dull and uninteresting.

As the event progressed, I was laughing and angry at the same time. The commentator literally read all the information on screen.

There was no sense of excitement at all. You cannot commentate in Formula 1 like how you would commentate in a local football match.

The current qualifying is split into 3 sessions. At the end of the third session where qualifying is already over, the commentator actually mentioned something like; “…the drivers are coming in and preparing for their final qualifying…”. I thought I heard wrongly, but he repeated it again as if there were a 4th session.

A message to TV2 (or to whoever is concerned), please improve the quality of your commentary. At least do your homework by checking out the rules.

There are a lot of passionate Formula 1 lovers out there. I for one, rather listen to the sheer sound of the V8 engines without commentary, than having to put up with lousy commentaries like that.

There you go, my first letter to The Star. I wonder what my next letter will be. Will it be published also? We’ll see….

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