What Are You Looking For?

It’s very common in Malaysia that whenever an accident happens, people will stop and look. It doesn’t matter how serious the accident is, people will stop and look. Dozens of people will stand by the roadside to watch. Even those driving or riding a motorbike will slow down to look. Among all those looking, only a handful will actually lend a hand to the victims. This will then lead to a jam.

When I was reading the papers today, I came across the picture below.

Photo snapped from The Star 16 March 2007

The caption clearly states that all motorists were “slowing down to have a closer look at the trailer“. Is it a Malaysia’s culture to be busybody when an accident happens? It’s like everyone’s looking for something. So…WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?

Dropped a coin ah?

Want to see got blood or not ah?

Trailer’s number plate ah? (to buy 4D)

“WAN HAI” ah? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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