NEW Google Logo!!!

(Wednesday, February 14, 2007)

Google must be one of the MOST accessed pages on the Internet. As usual, I found myself going there to search for something. That’s when I noticed something new, and different…yet odd.

It’s very obvious that they’ve uploaded a new logo (for Valentine’s Day), like what they normally do. They usually changes their logo whenever there’s a special occasion. My first impression about the logo was, it’s quite a simple and nice idea…replacing the ‘g’ with a strawberry coated in chocolates….just makes me wanna have some. haha. However, like I’ve said earlier, it felt odd.

Took me a few seconds to notice what’s wrong with it. You notice anything oddly wrong with the new logo?? Have a look.

Google Valentine's Day logo

Then it strike me like…. WTF???

Where’s the ‘l’?? It’s spelled Googe, instead of Google. Some probably might argue that the ‘green stick’ part of the strawberry may form the ‘l’. However, that would be a little too ‘forceful’ don’t you think?

Either someone messed up BIG TIME….or probably cupid was a little hungry?


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