Lost them all

(Friday, February 16, 2007)

I’m furious. Came back, and noticed all…I do mean..ALL my Firefox bookmarks are G-O-N-E!!! EVERYTHING….gone. If that’s not bad enough, I’m having trouble bookmarking now….which is troublesome. I guess I’ll need to reinstall it again. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

I really can’t believe it. All my important sites that I’ve bookmarked, for years….is all gone. There must be over a hundred sites in it….some fresh…however mostly obsolete. Just a week ago I realize I needed to manage my bookmark by deleting old, unused sites, and organizing the others in meaningful categories. However, due to severe laziness, I didn’t. haha. Even if I did, it would be tough to delete the bookmarks that I won’t be using now, but feel that I ‘might’ need it in the future (which I probably won’t need it anyway).

Oh well…I guess this ‘accident’ could be a blessing after all. Instead of going through each bookmark, and deciding whether to keep, or to delete it, now I’ll be starting with a new, fresh, EMPTY bookmark. That saves a lot of work doesn’t it? Yippeee!!!!! 😀

5 thoughts on “Lost them all

  1. Kettir says:

    I had the same trouble. I got mine back by looking in c:\documents and settings\[user name]\application data\mozilla\etc etc and drilling down till I found a directory called bookmarkbackups. Apparently 5 days worth of bookmarks are stored there. This saved me. I am however having some problems with adding a bookmark, but this is a starting point and at least you will get back your bookmarks.

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  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Thanks for your reply. I added a tutorial on how to restore firefox bookmark after I managed to find a solution to that problem.

    I had problems adding new bookmarks as well. Found the solution also, but was too lazy to include it in the tutorial…sorry 🙂 However, I’ve just updated that tutorial, you can click on the link above to get to the tutorial on how to fix your current problem.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Housebug says:

    I’ve lost all my bookmarks as well, have reinstalled Firefox and still can’t add bookmarks properly. You get a blank page icon pop up, no name to the bm. Honestly, I’m sick of IE and FF. Windows sucks. Next laptop is going to be a Mac!

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