Lost and Found

(Saturday, February 17, 2007)

My brother just came back from KL, for the CNY holidays. I told him about my Firefox bookmark problem, and his response was, “Why not you try to google for ‘restore firefox bookmark’?”. And that was when I realize how silly I was for not being able to think of that earlier.

So I googled it and sure enough, there was a solution for it. It appears that Firefox makes a daily backup of the bookmark and stores it in a folder. However, it will only keep the previous 5 days backups. This means that if I had this problem for more than 5 days, my ‘good’ bookmark would have been lost…..(this time…really)….. FOREVER.

I will put together a tutorial of how to restore Firefox bookmark if it has been corrupted. Check out my next blog.

Arggghhhh….just when I thought that I don’t need to spend time organizing my old bookmark. But of course, I’m happy that my collection of bookmarks is restored now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. lazyfellow says:

    try del.icio.us site for online social bookmarking where you can store your bookmarks and access from anywhere, plus view others who have bookmark the same URL as yours.

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