Hello world!

I’ll leave the post title as it is. I’ve used the same title for my first post in my virgin first blog. The passage below was taken from that blog.

Hello World!

If you’ve taken a programming lesson before in your life, you’ll notice that “Hello World!” is usually the first thing you’ll learn to print out on the screen. Therefore I feel it’s appropriate to start my first blog with the line, “Hello World!”.

I’ve taken the next step now by hosting my blog on my own web hosting and domain. I guess it’s time for me to hit the mainstream. At least I’m trying to. So now the big money will start to flow in. I’ll have hundreds thousands of readers. I’ll probably even be FAMOUS. More people will recognize me on the streets. People on the streets will take photographs with me. Reporters will ask me for interviews. TV hosts will invite me to their shows.


Alright, I’m back to earth now.

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